Alation Consulting

Operational strategy and use-case specific implementation solutions for data catalog success.

To truly capitalize on the potential of technology, organizations must be prepared to champion change, collaborative adoption and user enablement. To derive full value out of Alation, we believe in a holistic and iterative approach that combines modern data governance, metadata strategy and requirements-driven implementation.

This integrated approach ensures the highest probability of success for Alation to truly align to your business and IT needs — and to fulfill your organization’s most critical use cases and applications.

Key Alation Partner for Modern Data Governance, Metadata Management and Data Catalogs

In today’s big-data-fast reality, a growing number of self-service analytics users and data citizens are consuming a vast amount of information broadly — with a focus on expediting speed to insight. Traditional top-down, centralized data governance can’t keep up. What’s needed is a modern approach to governance and metadata that’s agile, scalable and takes advantage of machine learning to meet the needs of data-driven businesses as close to the point of data usage as possible.

First San Francisco Partners’ (FSFP’s) experienced consultants start by linking your business objectives to your data governance and metadata to prioritize based on business value, and then focus on implementing what is operationally required to:

  • Integrate Alation with holistic agile governance practices to enable augmented data sharing, collaboration and trust
  • Operationalize bottom-up governance that balances user empowerment and support with necessary guardrails for data privacy, legal and compliance
  • Leverage the value of critical data and analytics across the information supply chain
  • Manage data acquisition and data stewardship with agile methodologies
  • Build a data architecture foundation for ongoing agility and scale

Multi-Disciplinary Specialists Facilitate Scalable and Sustainable Success

Advisory and Implementation Services

  • Creation, Articulation and Configuration of Use Cases
  • Content Creation and Management
  • Business User and Technical Training
  • Strategy and Roadmap Planning
  • Alation Maturity Assessment
  • Alation Catalog Development and Integration
  • Installation and Setup of Alation

Accelerator Services

  • Data Catalog Governance
  • Data Acquisition
  • Data Lineage for Critical Data Elements
  • Business Glossary
  • High Quality Metadata Content Development

Want to ensure success with Alation? Tell us about your needs so we can help you unlock the full value of your investment.