project management with data management
September 24, 2021

What Project Management Looks Like in a Data Governance Program

By Chadia Mugisha

As a project manager with a background in software development and Agile methodologies, it took me a while to realize that project management in data governance would be somewhat different from what I was used to — compared to projects that focus on the delivery of products. To better understand how to use project management in data governance (and other…

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how to define cloud data governance
August 23, 2021

Defining Cloud Data Governance

By Stephanie Paradis

Data governance practitioners know the impact a clear and defined ontology can have on business operations. So, why then do we continue to allow the cloud to remain somewhat of an enigma? In this article, I apply First San Francisco Partners’ practice of information architecture to identify and define the distinct activities and behaviors that constitute a successful cloud program….

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Cloud Data Governance
June 23, 2021

Why Data Governance Should Be Part of Your Journey to the Cloud


It’s no secret cloud services are revolutionizing the world of business. According to Flexera, 94% of enterprises already use a cloud service. This year alone, the public cloud infrastructure market was expected to grow by 35% according to Forrester. Cloud adoption has become a matter of when — not if — for many digital and data-driven organizations. Whether you’re considering…

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business value of data governance
May 19, 2021

Business Value Drives “Organic” Data Governance

By Kate Pingel

Data governance without business need is just that … data governance Many organizations struggle with finding the business value of data governance. Projects come and go with governance considered in Phase 2 or future iterations — if at all. And we have all seen how that goes. Phase 2 rarely comes to fruition as needs change and directions shift. What…

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virtual DGIQ conference highlights
December 15, 2020

Virtual DGIQ Highlights

By Callie Kinnan

Last week I attended DATAVERSITY’s free two-day program, Data Governance and Information Quality. It featured a dozen live online presentations, and I was happy to join thousands of data professionals to learn more about the current state of data governance. While the conference was online this year due to health and safety concerns, it was nice to feel connected to…

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Bridge the Gap
September 29, 2020

Data Governance as a Managed Service

By Kelle O'Neal

The world of data is constantly changing and growing, and data governance is no exception. Because data governance ensures the right people are involved in determining standards, usage and integration of data across projects, subject areas and lines of business, sustainable data governance is foundational for many, if not all, mission-critical data initiatives. Over the past few decades, the First…

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FSFP Sensitive Data Image
September 25, 2020

Scaling Enterprise Data Governance to Manage Sensitive Data


In today’s digital world, data is the most valuable asset – one that must be protected. While concerns about the proliferation of data and its impact on data privacy are not new, they are growing in importance and consumer consciousness. Ultimately, transparency and integrity is paramount. After all, the data your organization has is less important than how you use…

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Data Governance is a service
February 18, 2020

Is Data Governance a Project, Team or Program? It’s a Service.

By Melanie Deardorff

At the end of Kelle O’Neal’s recent EDGO (Enterprise Data Governance Online) presentation, a participant raised an interesting question that illustrates just how much data governance has evolved since its inception in the early 2000s. They asked, “what is the difference between data governance and data governance as a service?” It’s a great question with a nuanced answer — and…

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EDGO 2020 recap
January 28, 2020

Data Governance Event Recap: 2020 EDGO

By Melanie Deardorff

Last week, Kelle O’Neal joined five governance industry professionals who presented at Enterprise Data Governance Online. EDGO, an annual event from DATAVERSITY, just marked its fifth year. This popular, free event offers a full day of live webinar sessions. EDGO 2020’s attendance was projected to be about 5,000 people from across the globe, representing all levels of data management experience….

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A DG Vision conference recap
December 17, 2019

A Recap of the DG Vision Conference

By Czarina Carden

Last week, I attended the first-ever DG Vision conference in Washington, DC, along with 350+ of my data management peers. It was an exciting place to be — and not just because it was held in the historic Mayflower Hotel built in 1925. (If these walls could talk!) It was because of the many practical learnings, insightful conversations and meaningful…

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Kelle O'Neal from FSFP talks about modern, agile data governance
August 28, 2019

A Modern Operating Model for Agile Data Governance

By Kelle O'Neal

Traditional data governance operating models, including centralized, decentralized and hybrids of the two, focus on governance councils and committees. These groups drive the development of policies and processes and oversee enforcement. Today’s needs for agility and speed-of-delivery, paired with greater attention on the value of data, require us to revisit traditional models. We need to ensure their relevancy and utility…

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Agile Data Governance FSFP
June 26, 2019

How a Data Catalog Facilitates Agile Governance


Last November, our Chief Innovation Officer Malcolm Chisholm shared his thoughts on the evolution of data governance on our blog (Agile Data Governance: A Modern Approach for Self-Service Analytics). He also presented a webinar with one of our strategic partners in the areas of governance and metadata management, Alation. With the blog post and webinar continuing to garner interest, we’re…

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IDERA webinar recap: Data architecture and data governance
April 19, 2019

Webinar Recap: Data Architecture and Data Governance

By Melanie Deardorff

Earlier this month, our founder and CEO Kelle O’Neal was the featured speaker on a Data Architecture and Data Governance: A Powerful Data Management Duo webinar. The program was sponsored by IDERA, a company that helps businesses design, develop and deploy enterprise data with productivity tools that can minimize risk and maximize profitability. On the webinar, Kelle talked about the…

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Kelle O'Neal's EDGO recap
February 19, 2019

Enterprise Data Governance Online Recap

By Melanie Deardorff

Last month, our Founder and CEO Kelle O’Neal joined DATAVERSITY’s fourth annual Enterprise Data Governance Online event, a full day of live webinar sessions presented by industry experts. EDGO’s format is designed to help anyone working with data to execute and implement a successful data governance program, and First San Francisco Partners is pleased to be, once again, participating in…

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