build community at work
April 28, 2020

How to Build Community at Work in Good Times and Bad

By Melanie Deardorff

It’s been about one month since untold millions of businesses around the world have been working virtually for the first time — or at least for such an extended period of time. We’re a veteran at virtual work, but that doesn’t mean we have everything figured out. We don’t have experience fostering community and connections during an all-consuming crisis and,…

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Remote work readiness tips
March 13, 2020

Remote Work Readiness: What’s Your Status?

By Kelle O'Neal

We’re a 100%-virtual company with a majority of clients across the US (some international) and our workforce is distributed, as well. We’ve been at this remote work “thing” for a while now — since 2007. It’s ingrained in our DNA. It fits our mission and our values. And it works for our client relationships, too. But this week I was…

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Remote work in IT
November 19, 2019

Thoughts on Remote Work from a Virtual Recruiter

By Cinde Wakefield

Working in Human Resources roles for two decades now, I’ve definitely seen some shifts over the years in the area of hiring and retaining great talent. One of the biggest changes for me is being responsible for recruiting people who want to work remotely and assuring they will be successful in this type of atmosphere. Here at First San Francisco…

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Building a Remote Culture of Communication
August 30, 2017

Building a Remote Culture with Communication


Last year when our CEO Kelle O’Neal shared her thoughts on company culture in How We’re Making “Remote Work” Work, she talked about the importance of communication and cited tools and techniques we depend on. As we’ve added new consultants this year and built out our administrative staff, too, we’re focusing even more on being effective with our communications. Being…

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FSFP's 10-Year Anniversary
April 26, 2017

Celebrating First San Francisco Partners’ First 10 Years

By Kelle O'Neal

Ten years ago this month, First San Francisco Partners (FSFP) came into being, opening our information management consulting services’ doors. The FSFP team and I are celebrating this milestone and, as they say, taking a walk down memory lane. In many ways, it seems like ages ago vs. a decade ago — but in other ways, it feels like only…

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How We Make "Remote Work" Work at First San Francisco Partners
November 15, 2016

How We’re Making “Remote Work” Work

By Kelle O'Neal

Recently, a friend of mine shared an article with me about Automattic, the maker of WordPress, and its remote work culture. We’ve been a virtual company since I started First San Francisco Partners (FSFP) back in 2007. Over the years as virtual companies have received more attention, I found that being the CEO of one makes me the subject of some curiosity.

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