CDO Vision Webinar Recap: 2017 Trends in Data Strategy

On our December 1 CDO Vision webinar, we turned our attention to the coming new year and predicted what might be in store for data management strategies, including predictive analytics, data monetization and Big Data. Our passionate prognosticators Kelle O’Neal and John Ladley were joined by data strategy and analytics pro Micheline Casey. They divvied up the topics and spent…

CDO Vision Webinar Recap: Real World Data Strategy Success Stories

Our November CDO Vision webinar with DATAVERSITY highlighted data strategy success stories, focusing on enterprise information management (EIM) initiatives that met or exceeded their stated goals. Co-presenters Kelle O’Neal and John Ladley covered a variety of industry examples, including energy and retail. They set up the firms’ data issues and opportunities, the focus of the EIM initiative and the successes…

CDO Vision Webinar Recap: Take the Scary Stuff Out of Your Data Governance and EIM Programs

On October 6, we added some fall holiday fun to our monthly CDO Vision webinar. It began with the “scary” name of our presentation and continued throughout the call. So, you may ask, what is so scary about enterprise information management (EIM) and data governance?

CDO Vision Webinar Recap: A Chief Data Officer Interview

On September 1, we were able to get a peek inside the busy world of a Chief Data Officer (CDO) during our monthly CDO Vision webinar, sponsored by DATAVERSITY. Our special guest was Andrew Salesky, Senior Vice President and Global Data Officer at Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. Also on the call: Our CEO and Founder Kelle O’Neal and President John Ladley.

CDO Vision Webinar Recap: Big Data Strategies

Where can you regularly meet up with data management professionals from around the world? On DATAVERSITY’s monthly CDO Vision Webinar, the first Thursday of each month! When you join First San Francisco Partners speakers Kelle O’Neal and John Ladley, you’ll listen in on a variety of data management topics, like data governance, big data, business alignment and data architecture.