Organizational Change Management: Get to the “Hard Stuff” and Make Your Case

In my article, That “Soft” Stuff is Really the Hard Stuff, I shared common objectives to organizational change management. I also offered compelling statistics to show the benefits for including OCM in enterprise information management initiatives — like saving time and money, as well as greater program success. Now let’s discuss how people react to change and how that’s likely to impact your business.

Organizational Change Management: That “Soft” Stuff is Really the Hard Stuff

Your organization, like most others, is likely facing change. It’s a constant these days. You can’t escape it. You make sure you have the right leaders in place to drive the change effort. You invest in good project management. You identify what process or technology needs to change. And you go for it. After months of hard work, you implement the new information management solution — e.g., a data warehouse, an EIM strategy, data governance or Master Data Management.