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October 2020 Newsletter

Here are highlights from our latest issue.

Sensitive Data Governance at Scale

Kelle O'Neal, CEO and Founder of First San Francisco Partners

Data governance — as a practice and key business capability — is constantly evolving. Recent and emerging trends, technologies and business drivers, such as self-service analytics, data privacy, data ethics and sensitive data, have contributed to governance’s continued pivots to meet the growing demands of data-driven organizations.

Data governance at scale, especially for managing sensitive data, is quickly becoming a key enabler. While supporting data users through improved data understanding and trust, consider building upon the foundation of your current data governance program to orchestrate the use of multiple technology platforms, while aligning data infrastructure and security teams in a synchronized process. This enterprise-wide collaborative effort will not only increase the opportunity to gain value from the data, but also protect it from unauthorized use and access.

Earlier this month, I joined our partners from Okera, Nong Li and John Marchese, on a virtual chat to discuss best practices to accelerate enterprise data governance with attribute-based data access control and protection. Chief among the tips and best practices is to always keep balance in mind when scaling. While security should be increased, it should be while optimizing data usability and analytics effectiveness.

ICYMI, you can still catch the on-demand replay of Best Practices to Accelerate Enterprise Data Governance with Data Access and Protection.

What are your governance goals for 2021? With Halloween just around the corner, does managing your sensitive data sound like a scary endeavor? I’d love to hear from you.

Kelle O’Neal


The Business Case for a Customer Hub

Customer Wheel

An organization’s master data — “entity” data about customers, suppliers, partners, products, materials and accounts — is created with each transaction, application, report and decision.

Effectively managed and integrated, master data can deliver the insights necessary to improve decision-making and drive measurable business success. Unmanaged, it represents a wasted opportunity.

Customer Master Data Management (MDM) is a critical element that supports an organization’s goals to steadily grow its business, drive efficiencies and attain better business to improve the profit margin.

In Four Ways a Customer MDM Hub Can Add Value, we share insights on this topic and four key benefits of a Customer Hub: accelerate revenue growth, enrich customer insights, improve customer experience and enhance regulatory compliance.


How Change Management Supports Technology Adoption

Adoption with Change Management

Successful implementation of new technology impacts many areas of a business, including its culture, roles, processes and policies.

A key success-driver is to use a structured and organized approach that focuses on the human side of change.

In Align Technology Adoption with Change Management, Becky Lyons, FSFP’s senior consultant, reviews the benefits of an interdisciplinary change management team and how an organizational change management focus can significantly drive successful technology implementation, broaden adoption and manage resistance.


Enterprise Data World Highlights

Video Conference Image

Last week, our data governance intern, Callie Kinnan, attended Enterprise Data World Virtual, a two-day program for data management professionals from across the world.

On our blog, Callie recaps her first experience at an industry event, sharing 10 takeaways from the program and its speakers who brought their expertise to the topics of governed data, data visualization and modeling, AI and graph analytics and more.


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