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August 2021 Newsletter

Here are highlights from our latest issue.

The Language of Data

Kelle O'Neal of First San Francisco Partners

Establishing and using a common language has its benefits, and it’s worth the effort for several reasons.

At FSFP, we find that a common language can:

  • Streamline conversations using shorthand an audience already understands
  • Reinforce key concepts (“This is how we consistently describe the XYZ initiative.”)
  • Accentuate specificity to ensure clarity
  • Increase the success of strategic and tactical business decisions

While data management and data governance have been used in the business world for years now, there’s still confusion about certain aspects of the terms. Case in point: It’s been interesting for us to see how one of our oldest articles on our blog, What’s the Difference Between Information Management and Data Management?, still garners so much attention. Each month, hundreds of people find our short article online and (we hope) go away with a better understanding of the two terms and how each has its place in our industry.

And speaking of the language of data, our featured article (below) from FSFP’s Stephanie Paradis talks about cloud data governance and how the phrase is more inclusive when compared to cloud governance or data governance in the cloud.

I encourage you to read Stephanie’s article and consider the two phases she recommends for structuring governance-related activities required for a successful cloud journey.

I’m curious to know, which industry terms cause confusion in your organization? Are you involved in a governance-focused cloud initiative? How is it going for you? If you have the time, send me an email or reply to this newsletter.


Kelle O’Neal

Define Cloud Data Governance

how to define cloud data governance

For a successful cloud program, cloud data governance and cloud governance are two sides of the same coin. But what is the difference between these two terms? The first is a framework providing structure and direction, and the latter is what makes this framework real through its application in day-to-day business decisions and activities.

The use of a clear and common language is something that any data governance practitioner knows is a critical step in aligning on business goals. The cloud shouldn’t be any different. Breaking down cloud-related activities allows us to understand the scope and purpose of those activities. Grouping them accordingly and with the proper terminology drives clarity and consensus around the goals of two distinct phases in the cloud journey.

In our feature article, Defining Cloud Data Governance, consultant Stephanie Paradis applies her knowledge and FSFP’s practice of information architecture to break down and define the distinct activities and behaviors that constitute a successful cloud program. Cloud programs can seem confusing or daunting but rallying around a common language helps the cloud become less of an enigma.

Measure Data as an Organizational Asset

how to measure data

Measuring data as an asset is important to understand the amount of investment needed to manage data properly. Still, few organizations make the effort to do so. If you don’t know what data means to your business, it can be hard to determine the full value of the data and how much money is needed to acquire, manage, protect and maintain that data.

In How to Measure Data as an Organizational Asset, we provide reasons and approaches for measuring data. The accompanying infographic was inspired by Kelle’s presentation at a DAMA NYC meeting

Meet FSFP’s Kate Pingel

Continuing our new series where we feature the people who make up Team FSFP, we introduce you to one of our newest members, Kate Pingel.

In this Q&A article, Kate talks about her current role at FSFP, her simple definition for data governance and some of the advice she’s given and received. Read on to meet Principal Consultant Kate.

And speaking of governing the cloud …
Here’s information about a new, half-day live/online seminar from DATAVERSITY, Moving to the Cloud? Bring Data Governance with You.

The training is designed for all levels of business and IT professionals who are tasked with investigating or implementing a cloud-based solution on behalf of their organization. Stephanie Paradis and Andrew Lentz, from FSFP, are the instructors — and you can save 20% when you register to attend and use our discount code FSFP.

Learn more about the September 17 training.

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