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February 2018 Newsletter

John Ladley, President and Chief Delivery Officer at First San Francisco Partners

Industry veteran John Ladley shares real-world advice from the road, answering top questions from the data management pros he meets.

Here are the highlights from our latest issue, which includes perspectives from our Chief Delivery officer John Ladley:

  • Top Questions from Data Management Pros – Our Chief Delivery Officer John Ladley is a true industry veteran. He speaks, writes and consults on all aspects of enterprise information management. With this expertise comes a road-warrior lifestyle, with John traveling the country working with our clients and speaking at conferences. Recently, John reflected on the people he’s met at industry events and the questions he receives on topics such as getting senior management’s support, breaking through roadblocks and proving return on investment for data management initiatives. On our blog, John answers these questions and suggests some new ones his constituents should ask industry veterans and vendors.
  • Meet Consultant Deborah Henderson – Deborah Henderson, one of our First San Francisco Partners consultants, has 30+ years of experience in data and information management consulting. Throughout her career, she balanced her day job with interesting, challenging volunteer work — most notably, with the Data Management Association International (DAMAI). Deborah’s played a key role in the organization, having worked on its first body of knowledge document (a.k.a. DAMA’s DMBOK). And you could even say she invented the wheel (the Knowledge Area Wheel, that is). We think you’ll enjoy reading Deborah’s story, learning her pursuits and passions and how her DAMAI involvement informs the work she does for our clients.
  • March 1 Webinar, The Importance of Effective Communications in Analytics – Communicating analytics is more than just talking about the numbers — it’s sharing insights and the business impact in a clear, concise, compelling and candid way. Our CEO Kelle O’Neal and John Ladley will explore this topic in our next Data Insights & Analytics webinar. They’ll offer advice on how to customize messages by audience, explore the power of data visualization and data storytelling and discuss the role research and key findings play in effective communication. Learn more and RSVP.
  • And speaking of communication … who said, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler”? Find out here in our recap of the February webinar, Simplifying Data Lake and Modern BI Architecture.

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