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Noveber 2018 Newsletter

Here are highlights from our latest issue:

  • Agile Data Governance: A Modern Approach for Self-Service Analytics – Scalable and sustainable data governance is at the heart of digital transformation. But with hundreds of thousands of data sources, potentially millions of different data sets, and a growing number of self-service users consuming information broadly — traditional top-down, workflow-driven data governance just can’t keep up. On Tuesday, November 27, we’re presenting an exclusive webinar with Alation on Agile-Driven Data Governance: a Bottom-up Approach. Our Chief Innovation Officer Malcolm Chisholm joins Alation co-founder Aaron Kalb to share best practices and practical approaches for a modern approach to governance that’s agile, scalable and leverages machine learning to enable user empowerment, collaboration and data democracy. Join us on this webinar to learn about:
    • Creating a framework for bottom-up-driven governance that balances user empowerment and collaboration with data regulatory/privacy compliance
    • Managing data acquisition and data stewardship with agile methodologies
    • Integrating the data catalog into holistic governance practices to link data producers and consumers
    • Building a data architecture foundation to support agility and scale
  • NOTE: The live webinar is not available any longer. If you’d like to get the replay link, contact marketing (at)
  • The Impact of Governing Quality Analytics – The topic of governing analytics is one we have covered before in our Data Insights & Analytics webinar series. In her new blog post, our CEO and founder Kelle O’Neal talks about how a data-centric approach to analytics governance delivers value and creates a foundation for more collaboration within your organization. Read Kelle’s perspectives in Why Quality Analytics Needs Governance and How to Get Started.
  • Knowledge Management Webinar Recap – If you weren’t able to dial in to our November DATAVERSITY webinar, here’s a brief recap of the Big Data as a Gateway to Knowledge Management program.

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