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March 2021 Newsletter

Here are highlights from our latest issue.

Virginia’s Consumer Data Protection Act is Tip of the Data Privacy Iceberg

Kelle O'Neal of First San Francisco Partners

Earlier this month, Virginia became the latest state to enact comprehensive privacy legislation with the passing of its Consumer Data Protection Act (CDPA).

This law will go into effect on January 1, 2023, and will impact for-profit entities “who conduct business in the commonwealth of Virginia or produce products or services that are targeted to residents of the Commonwealth” and meet either of the thresholds below within a calendar year:

  • Control or process the personal data of at least 100,000 consumers or
  • Control or process the personal data of at least 25,000 consumers and derive at least 50% of its gross revenue from the sale of personal data

Similar to the California Consumer Privacy Act, or CCPA, the CDPA will grant Virginia residents the rights to access, correct, delete, obtain a copy of, and opt out of the sale of their personal information. It also allows residents the right to opt in to sensitive data processing. It differs from the CCPA in other ways and borrows from the EU’s landmark GDPR provisions. Key differences between CDPA and CCPA include the CDPA’s use of “controller” and “processor” terminology similar to GDPR. In terms of consumer rights, CDPA allows consumers to opt in to processing of sensitive information and opt out of the processing of personal data for targeted advertising, while the CCPA does not. (Learn more about Virginia’s detailed provisions, exemptions and a comprehensive overview of the CDPA.)

More than a dozen states, including New York, Washington, Utah and Oklahoma, have either introduced new privacy legislation or have privacy bills in committee. Now more than ever, organizations need to know what sensitive data they have, where it resides and why they have it. Ultimately, the governance of data, processes, people and technology will be at the heart of meeting any data privacy or sensitive data protection challenge and most importantly — earning and maintaining consumer trust in this data-driven world.

How is your organization adapting to meet the evolving data privacy landscape? Have you built an agile approach by leveraging data governance as the foundation?

See you next month.

Kelle O’Neal


Metrics That Matter: Impact and Progress
Measure Impact and Progress for Collibra Adoption

An organization’s new technology roll-out is typically the culmination of many months or even years of incredibly hard work and a significant financial spend. To yield a strong ROI on the technology, adoption is everything.

In Measure Impact and Progress for Collibra Adoption, FSFP’s senior consultant Becky Lyons proposes two metrics that should matter most to an organization’s implementation stakeholders:
  • Impact because it answers the question, how is the technology improving the business?
  • Progress because it can show how the technology is moving the organization forward toward success.


Planning to Attend EDW?
Discount code for EDW 2020

The 25th annual Enterprise Data World will be here soon. This year’s program, hosted live online April 18 through April 23, will feature five keynotes, 20 tutorials and 90 conference sessions.

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Two of our team members are participating in EDW:


Data Education Month Discount

Data governance training with DATAVERSITY and Kelle O'Neal

DATAVERSITY’s 2021 Data Education Month event will come to a close on Wednesday, March 31.

Each year, DATAVERSITY shines the spotlight on data management professionals and the industry-focused training it offers, including two self-paced, online courses from Kelle — the Data Governance Learning Plan and the Next-Generation Data Governance Learning Plan.

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