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May 2018 Newsletter

Here are the highlights from our latest issue:

  • 5 Ways to Fast Track Business Value Out of Collibra’s GDPR Accelerator – The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which went into force May 25, brought its data protection guidelines to US-based companies that do business in the European Union. In 5 Ways to Fast Track Business Value Out of Collibra’s GDPR Accelerator, we share tips and best practices for organizations that depend on Collibra, or are considering on implementing the data governance platform, to optimize its built-for-GDPR configuration.
  • 10 Highlights from Collibra Data Citizens Conference – In early May, our team attended the third annual Collibra Data Citizens conference. We loved talking all things implementation, data governance and metadata, while learning from 500 of our peer data citizens. From reaching the “data engagement sweet spot,” redefining the role of the Data Steward in the shift from defense to offense and governing data that matters, our Director of Marketing Czarina Carden breaks down her top 10 learnings in this Collibra event recap.
  • June 7 Top 5 Priorities for an Analytics Leader Webinar – Up next for our monthly webinar series, John Ladley will speak with Anthony Algmin, popular speaker and creator of the Data Leadership Framework, for an in-depth Q&A about the ins and outs of the critical role of the Analytics Leader. They will explore why organizations hire analytics leaders and how the role enables results by evangelizing the importance of data-driven decision-making, aligning analytics with a business value-driven approach, developing an analytics competency, identifying opportunities for data monetization and more. RSVP for Top 5 Priorities for an Analytics Leader. If you missed our May program, our webinar recap highlights key learnings from the “Data-centric Analytics & Understanding the Full Data Supply Chain” session and includes the on-demand recording link.

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