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March 2019 Newsletter

Here are highlights from our latest issue:

  • Why Data Glossaries, Dictionaries and Catalogs Need to Evolve – Managing metadata is an essential part of any data governance program — and data glossaries, dictionaries and catalogs play a key role in providing context. While these tools have been data strategy mainstays, they must now evolve for the sake of effective, modern governance. First San Francisco Partners consultant and practice lead Anthony Algmin sheds some light on the death of the encyclopedia, the metadata-related activities and functions of glossaries, dictionaries and catalogs — and why the data library may just be what’s missing to link it all for maximum data governance impact.
  • Highlights from the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit – Were you one of the 4,000+ data professionals who attended Gartner’s Data & Analytics Summit in Orlando? On our blog, we highlight some of our key learnings centered around the conference theme of how to “Lead with Purpose to Achieve Clarity in a World of Ambiguity.” In case you missed this thought-provoking event, you can learn about how to tackle organizational ambiguity in the areas of data-driven, data privacy and AI. We also share some of Gartner’s 2020 predictions about data literacy, and why it’s an urgent challenge and critical success path for any data and analytics program.
  • Data Architecture and Data Governance: A Powerful Data Management Duo (April 3 Webinar) – Batman and Robin. Han Solo and Chewbacca. Mario and Luigi. Just like these famous pairings, so it is for data architecture and data governance — they’re aligned to support each other in a variety of ways. Like data governance, data architecture as a practice can be leveraged to identify and enforce standards within the systems landscape to support business objectives. And data architecture certainly benefits from sound business oversight and stakeholder influences inherent in a successful data governance program. In partnership with Idera, we invite you to join Kelle O’Neal on this Geek Synch webinar to learn about the critical aspects of aligning data architecture and data governance. Save your seat and join us on April 3 at 11 a.m. CDT to learn:
    • Why aligning data architecture and data governance is important
    • The key intersections of people, processes and technology between data architecture and data governance
    • How data architecture and data governance work together to enforce standards
    • The capabilities data governance can apply to data architecture without interfering
    • How your project and development methodologies can help drive alignment

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