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State of Data Governance Survey Results from First San Francisco PartnersSeptember 2017 Newsletter

Here are the highlights from our September issue, which includes a feature story detailing findings from our new “State of Data Governance” survey:

  • What’s on the Mind of Data Governance Practitioners – Last month, we conducted a State of Data Governance survey to better understand what companies are doing to respond to the evolving data landscape. Our questions focused on Data Governance, management and lineage in the organization. Our survey recap features key findings from the survey, including obstacles and opportunities experienced by individuals and organizations across a variety of roles and industries.
  • Do’s and Don’ts for Governance Success Does your company’s Data Governance program have an active, engaged executive sponsor from the business side who fully understands and supports the initiative? Having an effective executive sponsor — someone who regularly communicates with and engages other senior leaders in support of the Data Governance program — is just one of the core principles that we advocate for our clients. Here are nine more.
  • Test Your Knowledge of GDPR The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), effective May 25, 2018, is intended to strengthen and standardize data protection for individuals. GDPR brings major compliance challenges to businesses based in the European Union (EU) or for those managing EU citizen data. How much do you know about GDPR? View our curated collection of quizzes and resources offering high-level education on a weighty topic. GDPR Jargon Bingo, anyone?
  • Analytics, Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Science Webinar Recap Almost 200 information management professionals joined our Sept. 7 webinar to hear our Founder and CEO Kelle O’Neal discuss BI, Analytics and Data Science. Kelle’s remarks covered common definitions, architectural differences, when to use these data analysis types and the evolution between the three. If you missed the webinar, read our recap or watch the session recording here.
  • Connect with Us Online and On the Road If you’re attending next month’s Data Governance Financial Services Conference, say hello to our Chief Innovation Officer Malcolm Chisholm. Malcolm will present two tutorial sessions on Oct. 5 — one on governing Data Lakes and the other on GDPR. Also in October:

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