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December 2019 Newsletter

Here are highlights from our latest issue:

New Guide: Understand the CCPA and Plan Your Path to ComplianceCCPA Guide from FSFP and Collibra

Meeting the CCPA Challenge Now and for the Future, a new 16-page resource guide from First San Francisco Partners and data intelligence company Collibra, provides a high-level overview of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) regulation.

From the key CCPA areas to know to steps for becoming compliant, this guide delivers information about a complex regulation in an easy-to-read format, with sections that include:

  • Evolution of Data Privacy and Emergence of the CCPA
  • Understanding the CCPA
    • Background
    • Who Must Comply
    • Who and What is Protected
    • Penalties and Risks
    • How CCPA Compares to the GDPR
  • Preparing for CCPA
    • Galvanize Around Data Governance as the Foundation
    • Prioritize Your CCPA Compliance Efforts
    • Leverage Data Privacy Technology
    • Sustain Data Privacy

Download our new CCPA guide.

Recap from Inaugural DG Vision Conference

Kelle O'Neal and Czarina Carden of FSFP

Kelle O’Neal and Czarina Carden of FSFP

Last week, more than 350 data management professionals and industry voices met in Washington, DC, for DATAVERSITY’s DG Vision conference focused on data governance and stewardship.

FSFP’s Director of Marketing, Czarina Carden (pictured here at the National Christmas Tree with our CEO Kelle O’Neal), shares a few takeaways from DG Vision on our blog, including notable remarks from a few of the speaker sessions and thoughts on how data governance is a journey with organizations in various stages of adoption — just starting out, rekindling a stalled program or failed launch, etc.

Visit the FSFP blog for the recap.

Reader’s Picks: The “Best” of FSFP’s Blog

Best of the FSFP Blog for 2019Our First San Francisco Partners content creators are wrapping up another great year of writing data management articles for our blog readers and community.

Of the more than 20 articles we published in 2019, 10 stood out as being the most popular based on visits and repeat visits — and some of the top 10 were published before 2019. It seems data management content is the gift that keeps on giving!

Check out our year in review for the best of the blog.

Wishing you the happiest of holidays!

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