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March 2018 Newsletter

John Ladley, President and Chief Delivery Officer at First San Francisco Partners

Industry veteran John Ladley shares his thoughts on the top benefits for companies that choose data governance tools to supplement and automate governance processes and help ensure data delivers business value.

Here are the highlights from our latest issue, which includes perspectives from our Chief Delivery officer John Ladley:

  • 9 Ways Data Governance Tools Can Improve the Sustainability of Your Program – John keeps his pulse on all things data governance, both in theory and in practice. He writes and speaks about governance throughout the country and consults with First San Francisco Partners clients. In our feature story, John writes about the many benefits for using data governance tools and software to help alleviate common business challenges. As John says, “Sooner or later, your spreadsheets and access databases and your tribal knowledge will not be able to keep up with 21st-century data governance needs. Even if you don’t start out with a robust governance tool, your program will benefit greatly from some productivity aid.” Read John’s article.
  • Highlights from the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit – First San Francisco Partners’ Director of Marketing Czarina Carden attended the 2018 Gartner Data & Analytics Summit, along with 3,000+ data thought leaders, analysts, practitioners and citizens. She shares key takeaways from this great event on the topics of trust, diversity, data literacy, augmented analytics and why data catalogs are the new black. Read Czarina’s perspectives.
  • Advanced Analytics Governance Webinar on April 5 Learn more and RSVP for our April Data Insights & Analytics webinar, Advanced Analytics Governance: Effective Model Management and Stewardship.
  • “Take 5” for this Webinar Recap – In case you missed it, take 5 minutes to review our top takeaways from the March 1 Data Insights & Analytics webinar, The Importance of Effective Communications in Analytics. 

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