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December 2020 Newsletter

Here are highlights from our latest issue.

Happy Holidays From FSFP!

2020 has been a long road. Some months even felt like they lasted a whole year! Through it all, you likely adapted, pivoted and persevered in both a professional and personal capacity.

Kelle O'Neal, CEO and Founder of First San Francisco Partners

As this year comes to a close, I wish you nothing but health, peace, happiness, prosperity and joy throughout this holiday season and for the coming year.

Based on our learnings this year and as we look forward to 2021, two words are becoming a mantra for us — flexibility and value.

Although they apply to many aspects of our new normal, they are critical to our data journeys in a few key ways:

  • Govern the data that matters and articulate and define data’s value to your business.
  • Ensure ethical consideration underpins increasing digitization of business activities that are more than just technology efforts.
  • Plan to be flexible to adapt to change at a more rapid pace.
  • Consider data governance as a service line to the rest of the organization that facilitates data understanding, transparency and appropriate use.
From everyone here at FSFP, happy holidays and best wishes for 2021.

Kelle O’Neal


top 10 blog posts for First San Francisco Partner's data management blog

Our Top Blog Posts for 2020

It’s the most wonderful time of the year when we check our Google Analytics account to see which of our blog posts captured the most attention. (Yes, we do love our data.)

We also note the perennial favorites — those popular articles that, like a gift that keeps on giving, are still sought out online, month after month. This year’s look-back reveals a diverse mix of topics, including data remediation, agile data governance, data lineage and remote work. Spend a few minutes on this top-10 recap for our insights and opinions on all things data.


Resource Library Refresh: Collibra Adoption and Data Definition Conflicts

We continue our 2020 retrospective with a reminder about two guides we added to our online resource library.

In Nine Best Practices for Driving [Enterprise] Collibra Adoption, we explore the best approaches and best practices to engage the right people at the right time, align technology adoption with change management and blend agile data governance with traditional approaches.

A Practical Guide to Resolving Data Definition Conflicts offers a framework for working through persistent data issues and a process that brings stakeholders together to analyze and resolve disputes.


virtual DGIQ conference highlights

Virtual DGIQ Highlights

Earlier this month, FSFP’s Callie Kinnan joined thousands of data management professionals to attend the Data Governance and Information Quality (DGIQ) program.

In Virtual DGIQ Highlights, Callie recaps eight takeaways from her experience.

If you didn’t attend DGIQ and would like access to the program’s recorded sessions, register at DATAVERSITY’S event page.



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