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September 2019 Newsletter

Here are highlights from our latest issue:

What’s the State of U.S. State Privacy Regulations?

update on US state data privacy regulationsOn Tuesday, California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) co-author and privacy advocate Alastair Mactaggart announced a 2020 ballot measure designed to build on the CCPA and specifically strengthen Californians’ control over the collection of their financial and health data. It also proposes rigid penalties for companies that improperly sell and share data about children.

While CCPA is getting tightened, other states are attempting to follow the Golden State’s lead
— one with success and several without — as we shared this week on our blog.

We also covered news from earlier this month, where CEOs of well-known companies that include American Express, JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Salesforce, urged the U.S. congress to pass a comprehensive national data privacy law.

Women in Information Management Profile: Cara Dailey

Cara Dailey, Chief Data Officer at Silicon Valley Bank

Our recurring Women in Information Management series is turning its spotlight outward beyond the virtual walls of First San Francisco Partners and on Cara Dailey, Silicon Valley Bank’s first Chief Data Officer.

Cara spent time with us recently talking about her CDO role at the bank, her focus areas and the team she works with, her background, which included time working at Nike, and why she calls herself a data evangelist.

We think you will enjoy Cara’s profile story.

Super Early Bird Deadline for DG Vision

DATAVERSITY’s new forum on Data Governance and Stewardship, DG Vision, is coming to Washington, D.C. on December 9. This four-day event will focus on peer-to-peer sharing of practical experiences through case studies. Attendees will hear from a diverse mix of industry professionals, including Kelle O’Neal, leading in-depth tutorials and workshops.

You’re welcome to use our FSFP10 discount code to receive a 10% savings — and be sure to register by September 27 to get the super early bird pricing or this event.

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