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May 2017 Newsletter

Here are highlights from our May issue:

  • Is quality a “big deal” for Big Data? Our President and Chief Delivery Officer John Ladley shares his thoughts on a topic that some consider up for debate — whether large volumes of data can, in effect, dampen out any data inconsistency. Read Is Data Quality Important for Big Data?, and consider weighing in on the topic by leaving a comment for John.
  • “Business people often ask the what and how questions. Data Scientists ask why.” (Narasimha Edala) Did you attend our May Data Insights & Analytics webinar, where we interviewed Data-Bloom’s Chief Data Scientist Narasimha Edala? It was a lively discussion, with Narasimha speaking with knowledge and passion about the data scientist role. His remarks covered his professional experience, skills and training that are beneficial for a data scientist, and he answered questions from the live (and very engaged) audience. Read webinar recap.
  • Data Governance resource. Data Governance can be an organizational hot potato with departments unsure or unwilling to take responsibility for the program and its initiatives. Our nine-page guide, “The role of IT in business-led Data Governance,” focuses on the Information Technology area and addresses the key resources, roles and responsibilities that can lead to transformational, lasting Data Governance success. Download guide.
  • Connect with us online and on the road
    • June 1 Webinar “Data-Centric Development.” Join our June 1 Data Insights & Analytics webinar with our Chief Innovation Officer Malcolm Chisholm. You’ll hear how successful, data-driven organizations embed data-centric processes to improve their data and related initiatives. Learn more and RSVP.
    • June 12–16 Data Governance & Information Quality (DGIQ) Conference. DGIQ is the world’s largest event dedicated entirely to data governance and information quality — and FSFP will be there in full force! View our Data Governance session topics, and say hello to FSFP if you’ll be in San Diego.

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