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September 2018 Newsletter

Here are highlights from our latest issue:

  • Defining Data Acquisition and Why It Matters – As data drives more and more of the modern economy, data governance and data management are racing to keep up with an ever-expanding range of requirements, constraints and opportunities. It’s a little like a data version of the Cambrian Explosion, where data-centricity is giving rise to a rich variety of practices, each distinct and unique in its own way. Our head of Innovation Malcolm Chisholm shares his views on how to define data acquisition — and why it’s gaining critical importance.
  • We’ve Partnered with Alation to Modernize Data Governance with Data Catalogs – Earlier this month, we announced a new partnership with Alation, the data catalog company, to deliver new field-tested methodologies and approaches for incorporating data cataloging into holistic data governance practices. Our strategic alliance focuses on enabling confident and compliant data-driven decision-making, adapted to the needs of self-service analytics environments. Learn more from our joint announcement or watch theCUBE’s video for a conversation between our CEO Kelle O’Neal and Alation’s CEO Satyen Sangani.
  • Webinar Recap: Advanced Databases and Knowledge Management – Our September webinar focused on database management technologies and the connection to today’s analytics and data science work. In case you missed it, read our recap that includes key points about graph databases, usage in analytics and knowledge management definitions and approaches.
  • Upcoming Webinar – Our Data Insights & Analytics webinar series continues with Lessons Learned from Building a Data Supply Chain on Thursday, October 4. RSVP for the webinar to hear from Kelle O’Neal and featured guest George Yuhasz on the many moving parts and potential pitfalls of managing a data supply chain.

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