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January 2019 Newsletter

Here are highlights from our latest issue:

  • Bias in Data Handling: A Primer – Bias is something that shapes and colors every aspect of our life — and it’s alive and well in the world of data, too, according to our senior consultant Deborah Henderson. In our feature story, Deborah shares her thoughts on the biased collection and use of data and how to keep bias at bay in your organization. She suggests taking a more “scientific research” approach to advanced analytics, as well as developing and socializing policies and procedures that can bring awareness to an important and often overlooked area.
  • Do Your Executives Understand the Value of Data Governance? – Governing data isn’t easy. (As “they” say, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it well.) It requires an organizational-wide commitment that effectively connects the people, processes and technologies to manage and ensure the quality, availability, usability, integrity, consistency, auditability and security of data. Despite its challenges, everyone in an organization derives benefit from effective data governance. But executives may have the most to gain. With their support of a modern governance program — one that is thoughtful, trusted and lasting — they’ll reap the benefits of sound, real-time decision-making, more accurate business reporting, compliance with global and industry-specific regulations and more. Read our perspectives on the value of data governance.
  • Grow Skills, Make Connections at Industry Events – The new year brings new opportunities for upping our game at work and at home. One way we collectively stay fresh is by attending industry events and being re-energized and inspired by the great people and the work they’re doing in data governance, data quality — and all things data. Here are the “don’t-miss” events we’re connected to in 2019 — and these are just for the first half of the year — and Team FSFP hopes to see you at one or more of these events!

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