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February 2020 Newsletter

Here are highlights from our latest issue.

Why It’s Time to Define Data Governance as a Service

Is data governance a program or a service?“What’s the difference between data governance — and data governance as a service?”

This question was asked at the end of Kelle O’Neal’s Enterprise Data Governance Online session, and it illustrates just how much data governance has evolved over the years.

In our new blog post, Is Data Governance a Project, Team or Program? It’s a Service, we share Kelle’s response to the EDGO attendee’s question, along with additional food for thought on the topic.

March is Data Education Month

Data governance courseWe’re celebrating the third annual Data Education Month with our friends at DATAVERSITY who shine the spotlight on data management professionals — and its industry-focused training — each March.

From March 1 to 31, you can save 25% on Kelle’s two data governance learning plans from DATAVERSITY. Learn more about the training and find our March 2020 discount code here.

Still Time to Register for EDW

Discount code for EDW 2020The 24th annual Enterprise Data World (EDW) conference, beginning Sunday, March 22 in San Diego, is a six-day conference offering in-depth tutorials, two-day workshops and hundreds of hours of educational content from industry experts, including our senior consultant Sarah Rasmussen.

If you still plan to reserve your spot at EDW, take advantage of our 10% discount code: FSFP10. (It expires March 20.)

Visit the EDW site today to reserve your seat, and say hello to Sarah when you’re there!

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