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Fundamental Concepts of Data Quality

July 2017 Newsletter

Here are highlights from our July issue:

  • Let’s Define Data Quality for Today’s Needs – Through the years, data quality has been difficult to define because its original meaning harkens back to another time and another industry (manufacturing). Data quality dimensions have been flawed, too, says our Chief Innovation Officer Malcolm Chisholm. In this blog story, Malcolm encourages data management professionals to lead the charge to re-define data quality for what it should mean today, rather than continuing to adopt dated ideas. It won’t be easy, Malcolm says, but it’s a worthwhile effort to do.
  • Actionable Tips for Effective DG Communication – Effective communication is key for the launch of any large-scale organizational effort. For firms implementing a new (or revamping an old) Data Governance program, communication may play an even greater role. Are there communication gaps waiting to be identified in your organization? Focus on just one of our tips and tactics, and your governance program could be stronger for it.
  • Get to Know John Ladley – While we enjoy talking about data quality and governance on our blog, sometimes it’s nice to focus on the people of FSFP … and that’s what we did in this profile story about our Chief Delivery Officer John Ladley. You’ll discover how John got his start in the data management industry, how he came to meet our CEO and Founder Kelle O’Neal and what he enjoys doing in his spare time.
  • Join Our Next Webinar, “Big Data Analytics” – The Big Data era has ushered in new opportunities and challenges for managing this broad and rapidly changing data type. Join Kelle Thursday, August 3 for the next Data Insights & Analytics webinar, which will cover new directions and tools for Big Data analytics and architecture types. Get details and RSVP. If you missed the July 6 Governing Quality Analytics webinar, read highlights from the call — including results from a live poll — or watch the full replay here.

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