Business Intelligence and Analytics

It’s not enough to merely collect data. To truly transform and activate it, you need an integrated and effective Business Intelligence and Analytics foundation.

Using proprietary techniques, we can accelerate the planning, engineering and delivery of your BI and Analytics strategy to help you make sounder decisions faster and bring competitive insights to market sooner.

We understand and drive our practice on three fundamental principles:

  1. BI and analytics requires planning. There is no such thing as a successful analytics deployment where the data was dumped in a “lake” and miracles were derived by data scientists. Successful BI and analytics is a lot more than tool selection. You can spend a lot of money and achieve few results without a firm understanding of what types of BI and analytics requirements you have, how to align your business needs to BI and analytics architectures, and how to deliver an efficient, appropriate solution.
  2. BI and analytics requires technical awareness. We understand the market. There are as many solutions offered as there are sources of data. First San Francisco Partners provides objective guidance and industry-leading evaluation templates to ensure your technology investments provide the returns promised by the vendors.
  3. BI and analytics success is more than identifying the cool trend or insight. You need to have consistent ROI operating in an effective, efficient technology stack. Finding a $100,000 data nugget is nice, but not if the stack cost you $15 million. Spreading BI across hundreds of users can result in insight or a huge increase in cost of ownership.

Using pre- cast metrics and KPI models to jumpstart your scorecard, KPI or analytics project, we’ll define the requirements of your BI environment in a fraction of the time other firms take. Then we’ll make sure it all runs in a cost efficient, culturally-appropriate sustainable program.

Let First San Francisco Partners help you turn your data into dollars. Contact us to get started.