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Sensitive Data and Data Privacy

What organizations need today: an adaptable approach for managing regulatory compliance, speed to insights and a sounds way to manage data privacy risk.


In today’s digital-rich world, data is the most valuable asset and one that must be protected wherever your data is stored — on prem and in the cloud.

In the ongoing battle between privacy and personalization, organizations must grapple with privacy concerns while delivering a seamless, connected and memorable customer experience. Driving the right balance between privacy and personalization has become a competitive differentiator. When it comes to consumer trust and your brand’s reputation, the data you have is ultimately less important than how you use it.

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That’s where we come in. FSFP’s sensitive data and data privacy specialists prioritize a governance approach to align your organization’s people, process, data and technology practices to develop a responsive data privacy program that evolves with dynamic regulations (e.g. GDPR and CCPA). To earn and maintain trust, organizations must also focus on establishing trust through data transparency and data ethics.

FSFP can help your organization:

  • Develop a holistic and agile data privacy program with collaborative data governance at the core
  • Formalize roles (and key intersections) for data governance, privacy and security
  • Establish and implement a flexible privacy framework
  • Scope, prioritize, classify and manage sensitive data
  • Create a framework to enable an ethical data culture
  • Automate privacy readiness by leveraging technology for policy management, identity access management and regulatory compliance

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