Cloud Data Governance

Cloud Data Governance

Considering migrating to the cloud or already there? Take data governance with you.

Regardless of where you are in your cloud journey, a robust data governance capability ensures your organization can realize the benefits of the cloud to its fullest potential, while maintaining compliance and alignment to your key objectives.

With decades of experience in data governance and management, First San Francisco Partners (FSFP) recognizes organizations are often hindered in their cloud efforts by a similar set of challenges impacting time, cost and risk. Our approach to the cloud centers around data governance and how the consideration of cloud-specific technologies and architectures help shape a modern, collaborative capability — ensuring cultural and operational fit for your needs and goals.

Cloud Data Governance

Cloud data governance provides a set of organizational structures, policies and processes for the management of data-related activities in the cloud ecosystem. As with any other technology implementation, it is important to first understand the data needs of and for those solutions. Any gaps between what is provided and what is expected can then be identified, quantified, managed and measured.

FSFP Can Help You Build Cloud Data Governance Capabilities to:

  • Identify priorities and SLAs for what is being stood up in the cloud
  • Determine the level of governance needed and applied to data for effective use
  • Create a scalable data management framework that aligns with business needs and regulatory requirements
  • Ensure security, privacy and compliance in the cloud
  • Streamline multi-cloud governance
  • Maintain or contain costs by reducing unnecessary expense that occurs directly (e.g., data storage) or indirectly (e.g., employee time spent searching for data)
  • Create or enhance organizational and communication frameworks around cloud efforts
  • Enable a data-centric perspective to improve data (and metadata) understanding and governance
  • Achieve meaningful, sustainable results aligned to your business objectives

By focusing on your most critical use case(s) and future state vision — while ensuring collaborative governance is embedded — your organization is best enabled to close the gap between business and technology goals in order to realize the full advantages of the cloud.

The result: a sustainable, governed, compliant, scalable and cost-effective cloud approach that provides ongoing business value.

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