Collibra Consulting

Operational strategy and technical solutions for holistic data governance, metadata and implementation success.

Technology is only as good as its users — or its usability. To derive value out of Collibra, we believe in an end-to-end iterative approach that combines data governance and metadata strategy with rationalized implementation and configuration.

This integrated approach ensures the highest probability of success for Collibra to truly align to your business and IT strategies, and to satisfy the use cases that are most important to your organization.

Premier Collibra Partner Since 2012

Nine Best Practices for Driving [Enterprise] Collibra Adoption

Download Nine Best Practices for Driving [Enterprise] Collibra Adoption for best practices from decades of implementing sound data governance, data management and fit-for-purpose technology implementations, including Collibra.

First San Francisco Partners’ (FSFP’s) experienced consultants start by helping your organization develop a big picture for data governance and metadata, and then focus on implementing what is required to achieve a Minimum Viable State (MVS) for user enablement and adoption. To increase the value, additional capabilities can be built out over time.

Our scope of Collibra implementation and custom configuration ensures alignment for operational excellence. By taking a holistic approach, your organization’s Collibra footprint expands to support multiple use cases, while ensuring consistent alignment across the data governance, metadata and implementation tracks.

FSFP data governance track, metadata track and Collibra track

Multi-Disciplinary Specialists Facilitate End-to-end Data Value Optimization and Collibra Success

Advisory and Implementation Services

  • Creation, Articulation and Configuration of Use Cases
  • Content Creation and Management
  • Business User and Technical Training
  • Strategy and Roadmap Planning
  • Collibra Maturity Assessment
  • Collibra Catalog Development and Integration
  • Custom Workflow Development
  • REST API Integration

Accelerator Services

  • Communities and Domains Definitions
  • Business Glossary
  • Business Data Lineage
  • GDPR Playbook
  • Data Governance Case Management

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