Collibra Consulting

First San Francisco Partners is an official partner of Collibra, a leading data governance software platform.

We mesh our in-depth knowledge of data governance with implementations of Collibra to create total solutions for your data governance needs.

Our range of services around Collibra includes:

  • Quickstart – This popular intensive course in Collibra training and configuration is intended for organizations that have recently acquired Collibra. Such organizations typically have a set of use cases that they want to implement in Collibra right away, and the training and configuration is oriented to this.
  • Training – We also offer general training in Collibra. Many organizations seek to start by introducing Collibra to a narrow group. With success, this group expands and there is a need for broader training. As part of this offering we focus on standardization, which becomes important as the community of Collibra users grows, and processes to ensure that everyone works together to achieve success.
  • High Quality Content – Tools like Collibra provide structure and automation, but a great deal of their business value comes from the content in them. If this content is of high quality, then the tool will be deemed useful; if not, then it will face challenges. Unfortunately, high quality content does not just “happen.” It requires standards, the application of different skill sets, well-defined processes, and other factors. First San Francisco Partners has a methodology and tool set in this area that will enable enterprises to drive up the quality of their Collibra content.
  • Collibra Solutions – We have developed a set of Collibra solutions for specific use cases. Besides offering these we can also develop custom solutions for specific client needs. The range of needs in data governance varies widely from enterprise to enterprise, with a surprising number of unique requirements. First San Francisco Partners leverages its experience and library of solution patterns to meet these important client needs.
  • Collibra Connect – This relatively new feature of Collibra enables the tool to communicate with other systems and tools in a given environment. Metadata can travel from the connected applications to Collibra or the other way round. Thus, Collibra can act as a “nerve center” that integrates metadata from a wide range of sources. This has opened up a new horizon of data governance use cases that can now be talked about. First San Francisco Partners is actively engaged in this aspect of Collibra.
  • Data Governance Implementation – Having a tool like Collibra is often only part of what is needed. Sets of seamless data governance processes must be built around the tool in order to achieve the total solutions that are needed. We have strong expertise in the processes of data governance and how the various roles involved interact. As a result we are able to implement complete data governance solutions that really deliver. This goes far beyond just being able to make a tool work in a given environment.

Every day new data governance use cases are coming to the fore, which require tooling that Collibra can supply, but which also require more than a tool to achieve the total business success that data governance departments strive for. Contact First San Francisco Partners to discuss how we can work with you to boost your Collibra program.

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