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We provide operational strategy and technical solutions for holistic data governance, metadata and implementation success.

To actualize the full potential of Collibra, you need to champion change, collaborative adoption and user enablement. As a trusted Collibra Partner since 2012 and the 2020 Honorable Mention Partner of the Year, FSFP believes in an end-to-end iterative approach that combines modern data governance, metadata strategy and use case-driven implementation.

This integrated approach ensures the highest probability of success for Collibra to truly align to your business and IT strategies, and to satisfy your most critical use cases.

Our experienced data governance and Collibra trained experts start by helping your organization develop an impact-oriented future state for data governance and metadata, and then focus on implementing what is required to achieve a Minimum Viable State (MVS) for user enablement and adoption. Our version of “Think Globally, Act Locally.” To increase the value, additional capabilities can be built out over time.

To optimize the value of your Collibra
investment, FSFP can help you:

  • Integrate Collibra with holistic and agile data governance practices that enable augmented data sharing, collaboration and trust
  • Prioritize, develop, design and confirm use cases, assets, operating models, community and domain structures, workflows and views
  • Identify an optimal plan to foster Collibra adoption through organizational change management, training and educational activities
  • Assess, recommend and implement the best way to connect Collibra to your organization’s data ecosystem including:
    • Linking data sources, applications, data quality tools and other metadata through JDBC drivers, external systems and APIs
    • Enabling batch imports of data and configuration of batch import processes and tools
  • Establish content curation processes to ensure high quality content is loaded and maintained in Collibra
  • Recommend how best to use Collibra to meet Data Governance and Privacy functions
  • Promote Collibra engagement and adoption by through workflow, dashboard, view and UI development
  • Operationalize your Collibra platform through efficient content creation and curation, asset model adjustment and expansion, and other assistance to keep your Collibra environment running optimally

FSFP’s approach to Collibra design, configuration and implementation promotes long-term success. By taking a holistic approach, your organization’s Collibra footprint expands to support multiple business-driven use cases, while ensuring consistent alignment across the data governance, metadata and implementation tracks.

Collibra Implementation Tracks

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