Data Governance

When it comes to enterprise data, it isn’t enough for information to simply be available.

A robust data governance program must be put in place as an oversight mechanism to ensure that the information provided to decision-makers and other stakeholders is consistently of the highest quality.

Regulatory compliance, customer demands, competitive pressure, M&A activity and numerous other factors are increasingly motivating organizations to improve their data quality efforts. Actionable, intelligent data isn’t just a “nice to have” – it’s a real competitive advantage, and its absence can create an existential threat.

First San Francisco Partners consultants have decades of experience bringing together business and IT stakeholders to craft and implement enterprise data governance strategies. By aligning technical priorities with business objectives, we help provide full clarity around data ownership, access, usage and management, and remove ambiguity about who is responsible for making changes to the data. The result: consistent, accurate and reliable data across the enterprise, allowing for informed and effective decision-making.

Our data governance specialists can help you:

  • Define a corporate data governance strategy
  • Identify the right operating model for your culture and organization
  • Operationalize your data governance strategy
  • Eliminate common roadblocks to adoption
  • Analyze your data governance performance and business impact
  • Achieve meaningful, sustainable results aligned to your business objectives

Agile Data Governance™

Our proprietary data governance implementation solution, Agile Data Governance™, provides services to address:

  • Data governance coaching and mentorship
  • Data governance roadmap implementation
  • Creation of a data governance charter and governance policies, processes, standards and metrics
  • Communication and training
  • Ownership and accountability for data definitions, entities and domains

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