Data Quality

No matter how well-designed or well-implemented your enterprise information management strategy, poor data quality can lead to poor overall results.

Unreliable data erodes trust at all levels, creating situations where stakeholders are forced to make critical decisions based on gut instinct – an inefficient scenario in which the company cannot benefit from its valuable information.

In short, data quality matters. A lot. That’s why First San Francisco Partners specializes in helping organizations craft and implement strategies to ensure that their mission-critical data remains trustworthy and actionable. This benefits the organization at all levels, including reductions in operating expenses; one client saw a 60 percent reduction in project initiation costs due to improved data quality.

FSFPs’ experienced consultants combine best practices, hard-won industry knowledge and your individual business objectives to:

  • Develop a pragmatic data quality strategy
  • Create a business case and conduct a cost-benefit analysis
  • Align data quality with the data governance organization
  • Implement your strategy
  • Integrate your data quality and data governance programs
  • Define roles and responsibilities for managing data quality
  • Define data quality processes
  • Define and implement data lifecycle policies, processes and standards
  • Select a technology vendor

Is your enterprise data consistently decision-ready? If not, First San Francisco Partners can help. Contact us today to learn more.