Metadata Management

Metadata Management

It's the key to cataloging, classifying and tracing data — and data lineage — across the information supply chain.

Metadata isn’t simply “data about the data.” It’s the foundation of data literacy and the frame of reference for which context and meaning is applied to make it easier to find, trust, understand and leverage enterprise data. Metadata is also a critical component of many data initiatives, including data governance and data quality.

You likely know your organization’s metadata challenges, even if you never defined the problems that way before. Getting a better grasp on your business, technical and operational metadata can facilitate the management and use of high-value data assets that are clearly defined, managed, integrated, governed, shared and linked to high-priority business objectives.

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Without metadata management, data and analytics programs have limited capabilities for effectively contextualizing information assets to improve decision-making and boost business outcomes. An effective metadata strategy and thoughtful metadata management capability can also deliver a complete view of organizational data. And it starts by being able to find, track, organize and understand all of your available data — whether it’s structured or unstructured.

FSFP’s senior consultants have decades of experience aligning metadata management with business initiatives and strategic programs.

FSFP can help your business effectively:

  • Identify the scope, accountability and prioritization of metadata for providing maximum business value
  • Establish consistency and standardization of data definitions, classifications and taxonomies
  • Evaluate and implement an automated data management tool to connect to and collect technical metadata in a central repository
  • Mitigate risk and increase regulatory compliance by providing a holistic picture of enterprise-wide data
  • Improve the traceability, lineage and understanding of data assets by mapping your information supply chain
  • Increase productivity, efficiency and accuracy of data usage by implementing processes to create, share and sustain metadata content

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