Metadata Management

The key to cataloging, managing and leveraging the business value of data across the information supply chain

Actionable, intelligent data isn’t just a “nice to have” — it can be a transformative competitive advantage. And it starts by being able to find, track, organize and understand all of your available data. Metadata is not simply “data about the data;” it is the frame of reference for which context, meaning and value is applied.

Without context, data has finite value. Many organizations struggle to track data lineage of fast-growing volumes of data across distributed silos, much of it unstructured. Metadata makes it possible to harness vast amounts of data before it becomes unmanageable. It can also link disparate data sources and assets by associating relevant criteria, creating structure and maintaining data consistency. Without metadata management, data and analytics programs have limited capabilities for effectively linking information assets to improve decision-making and boost business outcomes.

First San Francisco Partners’ senior consultants have decades of experience aligning metadata management with business initiatives and strategic programs. The result: high-value data assets that are clearly defined, managed, integrated, governed, shared and linked to high-priority business objectives.


  • Identify the scope and prioritization of metadata that provides maximum business value.
  • Create a plan to roll it out incrementally and cumulatively over time.
  • Improve the traceability, lineage and understanding of data assets by mapping your information supply chain.
  • Establish consistency and standardization of data definitions, classifications and taxonomies.
  • Mitigate risk and increase regulatory compliance by providing a holistic picture of enterprise-wide data.
  • Increase productivity, efficiency and accuracy of data usage by implementing processes to create, share and sustain metadata content.

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