About First San Francisco Partners

Information is your business. Making it actionable is ours.

First San Francisco Partners is a business advisory and enterprise information management (EIM) consultancy dedicated to helping companies leverage their data to improve strategic decision-making, reduce risk, create operational efficiencies and fuel unprecedented business success.

Our focus is on implementing sustainable EIM solutions for your business that support your business goals and enabling your organization to be data-driven – not just data-informed. With an average of 20 years of per capita experience, our senior consultants understand how to shape and put into action highly customized information management, data governance, business intelligence, big data, data architecture and data quality solutions that work for some of the world’s most notable companies.

Whatever your data challenge, First San Francisco Partners is the consultancy of choice. We go beyond “big data” to provide a holistic suite of information management solutions that translate theoretical best practices into operational results. From data governance and master data management to regulatory compliance and analytics, our team has the tools to turn information into actionable intelligence – and keep you from drowning in the data lake.

A Focus on Regulated Industries

First San Francisco Partners has applied extensive experience to develop a unique approach to helping companies in highly regulated spaces solve their most vexing data problems. Our client portfolio includes leaders in the fields of pharmaceuticals (Novo Nordisk), medical devices (Stryker), finance (The Capital Group), insurance and other highly sensitive industries.

Why? Because we understand the complexities of the regulations impacting these and similar spaces – and consistently deliver solutions that address them, while reducing risk, controlling costs and creating real process efficiencies.

Unparalleled Information Management Talent

First San Francisco Partners (FSFP) was founded in early 2007 by international business expert Kelle O’Neal in response to companies’ unmet needs for clear guidance on the intricacies of the design and implementation of master data management solutions.

In the decade since, FSFP’s executive team has grown to include senior-level information management experts, hailing from the technology, information architecture, business process, change management and organizational alignment practice areas. This varied experience enables us to bring to the table a rare combination of strategic thought leadership, which we share on our blog, and practical experience in EIM.