First San Francisco Partners

Who We Work With

At First San Francisco Partners, we pride ourselves in consistently aligning information management goals with the needs of the business as a whole.

We don’t deal with data for data’s sake; we help some of the world’s most recognizable brands turn their information into actionable business intelligence that drives informed decision making.

It’s not just about having data … it’s about being truly data-driven.

Chief Data Officers

For Chief Data Officers, it’s not enough to simply have data. It’s all about the value that can be extracted from it – and how that value can be monetized. At First San Francisco Partners, we get it.

We understand the time crunch that comes with working on multiple complicated issues at once. We know how important it is to secure buy-in from other members of the executive team. And we get how the role can sometimes be a little difficult for peers to understand.

Our unique, end-to-end approach to the data lifecycle gives you the tools you need to turn your data into actionable intelligence – and ensure internal buy-in at every step of the process.

Data Governance Leads

Anyone who’s been tasked with data governance at a large enterprise knows the nagging questions that keep them up at night.

Are my customers’ demands being met? Is my data in compliance with applicable regulations? Do I have enough resources to ensure consistent, accurate data throughout the organization? First San Francisco Partners can help.

There’s a lot on your plate; we can help you prioritize, and we can provide the kind of sound, strategic counsel that empowers you to get it all done. We’ll help you craft a sustainable, comprehensive data governance plan, and give you the bandwidth you need to effectively implement it. Data governance is a critical component of any overall information management strategy – we’re here so you get it right.

Data Quality Leads

In many ways, an enterprise information management program hinges on the work of the data quality lead and his or her team. Poor data quality can dramatically affect business processes, creating inefficiencies and hidden costs. Worse, it can hamper the efforts of the data governance and data architecture teams, negating the positive work they do. In short, the data quality lead is critical – and it’s a big job.

Our consultants have decades of experience helping professionals like you construct well-defined data quality processes, improving quality both immediately and in the long term. Need help identifying and evaluating tools and templates that will work for you? We’ve done that, too.

Data Architects

It is imperative for data architects at large organizations to align their efforts with the enterprise’s overarching strategic goals. That’s not always easy. Translating technical issues into business expectations is difficult, and issues in data quality, data modeling and data intelligence can hamper efforts severely.

At First San Francisco Partners, we specialize in offering data architects the benefit of our decades of experience building data systems plans, streamlining data lineage and traceability and performing impact analyses. Better still, our holistic approach to enterprise information management helps improve data quality, standards and governance – making the data architect’s job that much easier.

Information Management Leads

The task of an information management lead at a large enterprise is daunting, to say the least. In order to create and implement a manageable, scalable strategic plan to support business objectives, he or she must deal with multiple disciplines and competencies throughout the organization.

From data modeling and data quality to master data management, data governance and analytics, there are potentially dozens of stakeholders in play, making for a gargantuan task. First San Francisco Partners can help.

We combine best practices and years of industry experience with a highly customizable methodology, laser focused on providing you with the actionable counsel you need to do your job. It’s not just information management; it’s information management merged with business goals.

Analytics Leads & Data Scientists

For analytics leads and data scientists, the goal is finding the “magic nuggets” of data that make the entire information management program worthwhile. It sounds simple – but it’s not. Poor data quality, data architecture or data governance can make parsing data for actionable pieces of intelligence exceptionally difficult … if not impossible.

First San Francisco Partners’ holistic approach to data management eliminates these hurdles, clearing the path for analytics personnel and data scientists to access – and leverage – the data they need.

Business Practice Leaders & Analysts

An information management program implemented purely as an IT project is only hitting half the mark. It’s one thing to make data actionable; it’s another for it to drive the business toward overarching strategic goals. At First San Francisco Partners, we understand this completely.

We begin every engagement with assessment and alignment phases specifically designed to ensure necessary buy-in, and we tailor data management goals to business objectives. That means business practice leads get the data they need to ensure regulatory compliance and meet market pressures, and business analysts obtain the exact requirements necessary for use in IT specifications.

Project Management Organizations

Data-centric projects can be the bane of project managers’ existence. They’re rarely covered by traditional systems development lifecycle methodologies. First San Francisco Partners helps take the pain out of the process by creating the data management tools that ensure development projects can be planned well and delivered to requirements, on schedule and on budget.

We help optimize non-data-centric projects too, by increasing awareness of data definitions, trusted data sources, data quality and data ownership. The result? The data component of all your projects becomes faster, more efficient, more accurate and meets the company standards.