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CDO Vision Webinar Recap: 2017 Trends in Data Strategy


On our December 1 CDO Vision webinar, we turned our attention to the coming new year and predicted what might be in store for data management strategies, including predictive analytics, data monetization and Big Data.

Our passionate prognosticators Kelle O’Neal and John Ladley were joined by data strategy and analytics pro Micheline Casey. They divvied up the topics and spent the hour sharing their thoughts on key opportunities and anticipated shifts for 2017. Our valued listeners were particularly active on the webinar, with John noting a record number of questions coming in.

Here’s what @1stSanFrancisco tweeted during the webinar; however, if you’re ready to get the full reply, go here now:

  • Master Data Management is shifting and maturing. Reference Data Management is being recognized as a mainstream domain.
  • Consider data quality needs for the future — not just the present — and plan accordingly.
  • Looking to 2017, we’ll see a Chief Data Officer shakeout as many firms churn CDOs (50% voluntary, 50% not).
  • A CDO owns data strategy and will need to work hard to make sure the organization has realistic expectations.
  • Data monetization = creating new data products or selling data (i.e., so data adds new value to organization).
  • Data offers value both internally (e.g., new products) and externally (e.g., when it’s in demand).
  • 2017 will be the year of action for compliance-driven data management and data governance, particularly GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).
  • Is an IoT Architect the next hot, new “TDJ” (top data job)?

At the end of the webinar, John announced that all good things must come to an end — and so it is with the CDO Vision webinar series. Though it’s been a great run, we’re excited to announce what’s coming next: the new Data Insights and Analytics (DIA) webinar series. The 2017 schedule of webinars, which begins Thursday, January 5, will provide educational resources and insights into the strategy, framework, technology and practical application of business intelligence and analytics.

We’re excited about this new direction and hope you will join our monthly webinars. We invite you to reserve your spot for the January call here: Data Insights and Analytics Frameworks.

Thanks to Hewlett Packard Enterprise for its sponsorship of our October, November and December webinars. Let’s do a virtual toast to 2017 and our new webinar series with our partners at DATAVERSITY!

To hear the December 1 replay with Kelle, John and Micheline’s 2017 predictions and perspectives, visit DATAVERSITY’s webinar archive.

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