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FSFP’s Top 10 Blog Posts for 2019

By Melanie Deardorff

Our First San Francisco Partners content creators are wrapping up another great year of writing data management articles for our blog readers and community.

Even if you’re a regular follower of our blog, we thought you’d appreciate seeing our most popular articles, in case you missed any or want to re-read them.

But first, here are things you might not know about the First San Francisco Partners (FSFP) blog:

Cara Dailey, Chief Data Officer at Silicon Valley Bank

Cara Dailey, Silicon Valley Bank CDO and one of the industry pros featured in in our Women in Information Management series.

We published 21 articles in 2019. Since we created our blog back in April 2016, we published 129. And, yes, I read every one — most, many times!

We welcomed two new contributors this year. Our senior consultant Sarah Rasmussen and HR lead Cinde Wakefield joined our blogging team.

We cover the topic of data governance frequently. Governance encompasses the practices, processes and people connected to the management of an organization’s data. But you probably know this if you read our blog.

You’ll find other topics, too. We write about data quality, data privacy, GDPR and CCPA. (If you don’t know these acronyms by now, you have a lot to catch up on!) We also enjoy writing profile stories on women who work in the information management industry. Our most-read profile to date is one featuring Cara Dailey, the Chief Data Officer of Silicon Valley Bank.

From time to time, we share what it’s like to work at FSFP. This includes our perspectives on being part of a virtual team. (I’m working from my home in Phoenix, AZ, as I write this.)

Top Five Posts for 2019

Google Analytics tells us that our most-clicked articles for the year (those published in 2019, that is) are these five:

John Ladley is a senior consultant with First San Francisco Partners

Senior data management consultant John Ladley compares data debt to technology data in this article.

Do Your Executives Understand the Value of Data Governance? C-Suite and senior leader support are key to successful, sustainable governance, as we explain in this popular article.

Why Data Debt is a Powerful Metric for Proving Data Management and Governance. If you’re not familiar with the term data debt, long-time industry voice John Ladley talks about the huge costs of delaying “doing the right things” with data and information — particularly to numbers-focused senior leaders in your organization — here.

A Modern Operating Model for Agile Data Governance. Data management approaches change, as our world and technologies change. Our readers search our blog for new approaches and ideas, and that’s why we think this article, with its take on how agile governance enables data democratization and the rise of the data citizen role, made it a must-read.

Why Data Glossaries, Dictionaries and Catalogs Need to Evolve. Any time we blog about data governance tools or software, our articles garner lots of interest. This popular post reviews well-known tools and explains why — for the sake of modern, effective governance — they need to evolve, just as our industry is evolving.

How a Data Catalog Facilitates Agile Governance. This article is somewhat a mash-up of the previous two, in that it explains how the data catalog plays a key role in agile data governance.

Top Five Posts for 2019 (Published 2016–2018)

Reviewing our blog’s analytics, we found that five of our 10 most-popular posts for 2019 were published before this year. It seems data management content is the gift that keeps on giving!

Here are the oldies-but-goodies, in case you missed them:

Kelle O’Neal, Founder and CEO of First San Francisco Partners, shares the differences between information management and data management in this article.

What’s the Difference Between Information Management and Data Management? Our blog readers are hungry for information, including content that helps explain key concepts. And while these terms may seem basic to some, thousands of people find Kelle O’Neal’s definitional article informative.

What is Data Remediation and Why is It Needed? – Our senior consultant Angie Pribor’s articles bring in lots of interest. This is her most-viewed article to date: an industry veteran’s take on why bad data deserves your attention.

California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 vs. GDPR. CCPA’s effective date is just around the corner on January 1, 2020. You can learn more about these two data privacy regulations here.

Data Architecture and Data Governance: What’s the Relationship? We put a super-hero spin on this data management duo in this article.

“State of Data Governance” Survey Results. Our survey on trends, challenges, opportunities and business drivers for implementing a governance program sheds light on what data leaders are thinking. View our findings.

Top 10 Posts for 2020?

On behalf of FSFP, thank you for your interest in our blog. If you have suggestions for what could become top posts for next year, add a comment below or email your ideas to our marketing team.

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We look forward to bringing you new industry insights and perspectives in 2020!

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