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Healthcare & Insurance Company Optimizes Collibra for Data Governance

Close to 100 years ago, representatives from several area hospitals formed a nonprofit mutual insurer to provide pre-paid hospital care for their patients. From a single office with two employees, our client now serves over 1.9 million in one state in nine regional offices.


Though the client is a health insurance company, they consider themselves most aligned with health and wellness. Many discussions centered around effective governance, organization and delivery of essential health data to patients, providers and compliance organizations.

Industry: Healthcare/Insurance

Background: A primary issue addressed was inadequate data governance outside the data governance committee, which adopted a ‘question inbox’ governance style that placed excessive pressure on the small team. Although the data governance committee assigned stewardship to different domains, the actual data governance mainly consisted of brainstorming that did little to break down silos between the IT, EIM and business communities. Without formal avenues for making suggestions or initiating action, stakeholders felt isolated.

FSFP developed a detailed and repeatable use case around a critical Tableau report and an actionable plan to connect the data governance framework.

Engagement Type

Creation and execution of a data governance use case through amplifying Collibra’s usability and data governance strategy maturation.

Engagement Snapshot

After conducting extensive stakeholder interviews, FSFP determined how to serve the client’s needs as follows:

  • Selecting the appropriate data governance model.
  • Identifying and combining various use cases around ingestion, lineage tracing and visualization of critical Tableau reports.
  • Analyzing the Tableau reporting layers to determine where certain critical data elements were informed (lineage harvester and manual connections in Collibra).
  • Training the data governance team and selecting stakeholders on APIs, templates and workflows.

Opportunity Areas

  • Due to their “question inbox” style, the data governance council was often too busy fixing errors to establish formal governance, preventing them from decentralizing data governance responsibilities.
  • The Collibra reporting lineage needed to be extended further to allow Tableau reporting users to find value in Collibra.
  • There were concerns about formalizing stewardship. Many stakeholders believed that data governance was the responsibility of the data governance council.


  • With FSFP’s help, the client could understand Collibra workflows, visualizations, views and dashboards and how to harvest lineage data manually.
  • FSFP’s use case demonstrated how business stakeholders can identify errors in reporting by interacting with things like the lineage of critical data elements in their reports.
  • Collibra was embraced as a tool for standardizing data governance within the organization, eliminating the need for a data governance council.

To drive education and provide a framework for future use cases, the client received a variety of deliverables, including:

  • Templates for bulk uploading various types of assets.
  • Various workshops on asset visualization, lineage tracing, data governance operating models, roles and responsibilities of stewardship, etc.
  • User desk references.