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Successful SAP ERP Transformation Begins With a Solid Data Governance Operating Model

Discover how a global manufacturing company integrated specialized data governance systems into its SAP ERP transformation to improve business operations.


Our client is a global manufacturing company that offers fiber-based packaging solutions for business and sustainability needs. They manage a comprehensive portfolio of products for businesses around the globe and supply a wide range of products internally.

Industry: Manufacturing

Background: The client engaged FSFP to assist them in establishing a data governance operating model to facilitate clear decision-making and accountability for data governance, data management capabilities, and other data-related investments as they transition to SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Engagement Type

SAP ERP transformation programmatic support using a data governance strategy, roadmap and operating model with supporting organizational design.

Engagement Snapshot

The client needed support to improve data governance, engage shareholders, and build a common language among users before implementing SAP ERP transformation. We identified five critical areas of support:

  • Stakeholders and project leaders helped us identify decision blockers so the SAP ERP transformation program could move forward on time.
  • Using workshops and facilitated conversations, we identified perceived accountability gaps and discussed opportunities for developing more precise definitions and processes across business areas.
  • We created engagement opportunities for stakeholders, program participants and other functional areas to capture the proposed changes and fully understand the impacts of SAP ERP transformation.
  • Our focus on data governance supports SAP ERP transformation and future data initiatives. We provided a roadmap that outlines stakeholder collaboration, strategic program integration, and recommended data governance activities.
  • Define roles and responsibilities to help develop a data governance model designed and built to meet the immediate needs of SAP ERP transformation and future data efforts.

Opportunity Areas

  • Establish appropriate data accountability across SAP ERP transformation.
  • Facilitate, document and communicate data decisions within SAP ERP transformation.
  • Develop data governance capabilities to support SAP ERP transformation and future enterprise data initiatives.


To ensure a successful SAP ERP implementation, FSFP provided the following data governance and support systems:

  • Data governance best practices and repeatable processes for managing, overseeing and facilitating enterprise operations.
  • The data governance operating model facilitates effective, efficient and streamlined decision-making (decisions that stick).
  • Integration of data governance and data management capabilities with enterprise initiatives (such as SAP ERP Transformation). The data governance operating model seamlessly integrates enterprise initiatives (such as data stewards, custodians, and Data Governance Analysts).