Word to the Wise: When It Comes to Data Management, Operationalize

In my corporate career, I had the opportunity to build data management programs for large, global companies centered around data governance and master data management. Those opportunities continued over the past five years in my role as a First San Francisco Partners consultant, working on various initiatives and for assorted diverse industries helping our clients achieve critical business objectives. The…

What is Data Remediation and Why is It Needed?

Over the last two decades of working in information management, I’ve had many opportunities to work on large-scale projects that have a heavy reliance upon high-quality, fit-for-purpose data. Back when master data projects were leading (and bleeding) edge, we didn’t know what we didn’t know (as they say). And in those early days, we also didn’t know a lot about…

The Missing Piece(s) in Data Governance

I’ve been a data governance practitioner and consultant working with clients for more than 17 years now. I’m growing more concerned about something and wonder if you’re seeing it, too. It’s the lack of goals, measures and incentives for the people responsible for key data governance roles. Data governance, as a practice, is no longer a new concept. We’ve been at this for some time now … so, why are we still in a new-concept state?

Collibra’s First User Conference Brings “The Revolution” To New York

I recently attended Collibra’s first-ever customer event in New York, attracting business users and data professionals alike. The theme for the two-day Data Citizens Conference was “Join the Revolution,” imploring attendees to “explore the business benefits and personal satisfaction of having easy access to good and trustworthy data.”