Get Maximum Value from Your Data Governance and Metadata Management Investment

New Enterprise Launch Checklist from First San Francisco Partners and Collibra

A practical, step-by-step guide to launching Collibra successfully

Adopting a data governance and metadata management platform like Collibra’s elevates your organization’s ability to understand its entire data landscape, amplifying trust in how data is created, accessed, used and managed.

Transformational change like this takes planning and preparation. It takes proactive attention to people, process, technology and data to navigate the organizational change successfully.

Set your business up for success by following best practices during each stage of the purchase and implementation process — and let our new “Get Maximum Value” resource be your guide. Sarah Rasmussen, FSFP’s Collibra Practice Lead and Engagement Manager, shares steps and tips that span the pre-purchase stage (3–6 months before purchase) all the way through the post-implementation stage (6–12 months after launch). Follow her checklist to chart a smooth course that makes the most out of your Collibra investment.

Collibra enterprise launch checklist

Discover the five stages of an enterprise Collibra launch

Download the new guide from First San Francisco Partners and Collibra and discover expert recommendations on launching Collibra at your organization.

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