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DIA Webinar Recap: Data-centric Analytics and Understanding the Full Data Supply Chain

By Melanie Deardorff

Earlier this month, our CEO and Founder Kelle O’Neal and John Ladley, a consultant for our firm, spoke to a group of data management professionals in the DATAVERSITY webinar Data-centric Analytics and Understanding the Full Data Supply Chain.

This educational program focused on five key areas:

  • Understanding the data supply chain and how it impacts analytics
  • Data-centric design considerations for the data supply chain
  • Data supply chain features and components for the data lake
  • Key roles and responsibilities
  • How analytics must interact with the data supply chain

Here are highlights from the webinar. You can review the full presentation material and listen to the audio recording in DATAVERSITY’s on-demand webinar archive.

  • Supply chain parallels – A regular supply chain coordinates material sourcing and assembly to fulfill and deliver goods to customers. The data supply chain represents the sources, flows, management and distribution of data and information in an organization.
  • Managing your data architecture – Use the concept of a supply chain to understand, design and manage the balancing of the vintage and contemporary sides of your data architecture.
  • Data quality and the data supply chain – Unknown bad data is like a hidden manufacturing fault, but instead of a recall, you get to explain that the model and artificial intelligence are in error and have been putting out bad recommendations.
  • Data-centric design tenets – Treat and view your data as an asset; sell to suppliers, not consumers; integrate with your data strategy; and treat the supply chain like a real business line.

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We hope you can join us for next month’s webinar, Top 5 Priorities for an Analytics Leader, on Thursday, June 7. The webinar is sponsored by Looker and Datawatch, and our special guest is Anthony Algmin, a popular speaker and creator of the Data Leadership Framework.

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