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DIA Webinar Recap: Lessons Learned from Building a Data Supply Chain

By Melanie Deardorff

Our October 4 webinar with DATAVERSITY, Lessons Learned from Building a Data Supply Chain, featured Kelle O’Neal and special guest George Yuhasz, the US Director of Business Intelligence and Data Services for Keystone Foods, a global food services company with headquarters in West Chester, PA.

George has more than 16 years of experience leading enterprise data initiatives in financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, government, military and higher education. His expertise spans areas that include business intelligence, data governance, data architecture and strategy.

Kelle and George’s conversation focused on these areas:

  • Understanding the data supply chain
  • How the data supply chain impacts analytics
  • Lessons learned from building a data supply chain
  • Best practices

Here’s a recap of the webinar’s key points.

What is a Data Supply Chain

A regular supply chain coordinates material sourcing and assembly to fulfill and deliver goods to customers. A data supply chain represents the sources, flows, management and distribution of data and information in an organization.

Data Supply Chain Flow

Kelle shared a visual example of a typical data supply chain for an organization — and she gave examples where analytics can be found anywhere along the supply chain (not just in Analyze).

Data Supply Chain Lessons

George spoke at length about these data supply chain focus areas:

  • Focusing on data supply chain matters – What is my business, and who are my sponsors/stakeholders
  • Identifying and linking the data producers and consumers along a lifecycle/spectrum breeds engagement and stewardship
  • Build an engagement and action plan
  • Know and empower your user community
  • Align architecture, analytics and governance

To listen to the full one-hour webinar which included best practices and audience Q&A, visit DATAVERSITY’s on-demand library. (Download slides here.)

Up Next Month: Big Data and Knowledge Management

We hope you join us for our next Data Insights & Analytics webinar, Big Data as a Gateway to Knowledge Management, on Thursday, November 1 with Kelle and John Ladley.

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