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Our data management consultants share practical advice and best practices that help you tackle your thorniest data-related problems. We also feature the people of FSFP and women who work in the information management industry.

November 9, 2021

data risk

How Data Governance is Essential to Managing Data Risk


October 20, 2021

fsfp team: meet stephanie

Meet Stephanie Paradis, Senior Data Governance Consultant at FSFP

By Callie Kinnan

September 28, 2021

CCPA articles

U.S. State Privacy Regulations Overview

By Callie Kinnan

September 24, 2021

data management articles

What Project Management Looks Like in a Data Governance Program

By Chadia Mugisha

September 23, 2021

fsfp team: meet becky

Meet Becky Lyons, Senior Data Governance Consultant at FSFP

By Callie Kinnan

August 23, 2021

cloud articles

Defining Cloud Data Governance

By Stephanie Paradis

August 20, 2021

fsfp team: meet kate

Meet Kate Pingel, Principal Consultant at FSFP

By Callie Kinnan

August 4, 2021

data value articles

How to Measure Data as an Organizational Asset [Infographic]


July 17, 2021

data literacy articles

Data Literacy 2.0 as an Organizational Capability

By Becky Lyons

July 6, 2021

collibra articles

Blend Agile and Traditional Approaches to Data Governance for Collibra Adoption

By Becky Lyons

June 30, 2021

fsfp team: meet neil

Meet Neil Martin, FSFP’s Business Operations Consultant

By Callie Kinnan

June 23, 2021

cloud articles

Why Data Governance Should Be Part of Your Journey to the Cloud


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