Collibra Best Practices Series

By Becky Lyons, Senior Data Governance Consultant

  1. Focus on the Value Case for Driving Adoption
  2. Engage the Right People at the Right Time
  3. Align Technology Adoption with Change Management
  4. For Collibra Adoption Success, Communicate Early and Often
  5. Make Collibra Training Meaningful and Accessible
  6. Measure Impact and Progress for Collibra Adoption
  7. Manage Resistance to Collibra Adoption
  8. Integrate (Meta)governance for Collibra Adoption
  9. Blend Agile and Traditional Approaches to Data Governance for Collibra Adoption

About Becky Lyons

Becky Lyons, Senior Consultant at First San Francisco PartnersBecky Lyons, PhD, specializes in helping people and organizations understand and improve their performance. Becky is a consultant at First San Francisco Partners and is an experienced leader and author that has learned the impact change can have on team dynamics as well as individual, team, and organizational performance.

With experience as a data governance consultant, healthcare executive and Organizational Development leader, Becky has helped leaders at all levels of organization to develop the knowledge skills and attitudes needed to face whatever changes come their way.