Sarah Rasmussen

Engagement Partner

Sarah, an Engagement Partner at FSFP, is a certified project manager and data management professional with more than 20 years of data-related experience. Her focus is helping organizations ensure the long-term success of their data strategy and data technology investments by embedding them into day-to-day operations with defined processes and corresponding roles.

Sarah excels at leading teams of data-savvy individuals and those new to the world of data. She is a thought leader and featured speaker at industry conferences such as Enterprise Data World. Sarah is actively involved with many organizations, including Women in Tech and Girls Who Code.

Sarah’s initial interest in data was established as her IT career evolved from developer to systems analyst, managing and learning from a team of enterprise data architects and modelers, then moving on to developing a strategy and implementing several enterprise information management capabilities. Before joining FSFP, Sarah was the Enterprise Data Governance Lead at a financial services firm, reporting to the Chief Data Officer.

Read Sarah’s perspectives about data management on our blog.

Sarah Rasmussen, Collibra Practice Lead and Engagement Partner with FSFP

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