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How Data + Data Governance = Successful ERP Transformation

Kelle O'Neal, Founder and CEO, First San Francisco Partners

Now more than ever in our data-driven world, organizations recognize the critical role of data in driving business growth and innovation. An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, with its vast functional capabilities and information repositories, is a goldmine waiting to be harnessed.

But extracting value from an ERP solution, whether an initial implementation, upgrade or migration, is not just about functionality and process — it’s also about the data. For this reason, it demands a strategic approach where data governance is the foundation.

Engagement Partner Nellie McBride tackles this rich topic in an ERP transformation article. If you haven’t worked with Nellie on an FSFP engagement or met her at an industry event, I’d love to tell you more about her.

Nellie joined our team last September. Her almost two decades of experience as a data governance management leader made us excited about what she could bring to FSFP. (And Nellie didn’t disappoint!) Some of our team already knew Nellie from her work at T-Mobile, where she designed and built an award-winning enterprise governance and compliance program. Nellie helped shape numerous advanced data governance products and services at T-Mobile, including a data catalog, business glossary, data lineage, metadata management, enterprise data quality and stewardship program. Her data strategy expertise enriches what she recommends for FSFP’s clients and certainly informs the ERP article.

If you’d like to meet Nellie and other veteran data practitioners from FSFP, read on to learn about our Tuesday, June 13 ERP transformation fireside chat.

Kelle O’Neal,
Founder and CEO

Data is at the Heart of a Successful ERP Digital Transformation

Nellie McBride, Lead Consultant

Nellie McBride says data challenges are often like golf, where you take a swing, miss — and then take another swing.

Nellie weighs in on ERP transformation programs (initial implementations, upgrades and migrations) in this month’s feature article, saying they’re complex, expensive and lengthy. And unlike a bad day on the golf course, Nellie says multiple misses in an ERP project aren’t easily remedied by a round of beer in the clubhouse!

Read Nellie’s thought-provoking article to be reminded about data’s role in an ERP transformation strategy and how data governance comes into play.

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FSFP Fireside Chat

ERP Fireside Chat on June 13

ERP programs offer scalability, growth and digital transformation but can pose significant challenges. We invite you to hear real-life ERP experiences from our industry experts about successful ERP transformations in businesses.

Nellie McBride, Sarah Rasmussen, Gretchen Burnham

Nellie McBride, Sarah Rasmussen and Gretchen Burnham

Join FSFP’s virtual event on Tuesday, June 13 at 1 p.m. PT/4 p.m. ET, where we’ll explore ERP success tips and the challenges and benefits of ERP transformation in the healthcare and manufacturing sectors.

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