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Kelle O’Neal Joins DATAVERISTY’s “My Career in Data” Podcast

OAKLAND, Calif., April 12, 2023 — First San Francisco Partners founder and CEO Kelle O’Neal joined the new My Career in Data podcast, a show dedicated to learning from people who work in data management. Shannon Kempe, podcast host and Chief Digital Officer for DATAVERSITY, facilitated the interview.

Shannon and Kelle’s 44-minute conversation covered topics that include Kelle’s work experience prior to diving into the world of master data management, what compelled her to start First San Francisco Partners in April 2007, and our consulting firm’s mission of helping our clients make their information actionable, working across the data spectrum.

The episode is available on DATAVERSITY’s website, and you can find the interview on Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music and Apple Podcasts.

Kelle O'Neal joined DATAVERSITY's My Career in Data podcast

DATAVERSITY interviewed Kelle O’Neal, FSFP’s founder and CEO, for a My Career in Data podcast episode. Topics included Kelle’s belief that a circuitous career path can be a big benefit, how there is power of stubbornness and her early interest in corporate psychology.

About Kelle O’Neal

Kelle is the founder and CEO of First San Francisco Partners, an information management consulting firm. She is a veteran industry leader, an accomplished advisor and a noted speaker, author and trainer. She is passionate about helping organizations realize the business value of data — and empowering them to derive insights that can improve operational efficiency and decision-making, generate new revenue and mitigate risk and fraud.

Kelle’s strong background in customer relationship management, enterprise software and systems integration uniquely positions her to excel in helping organizations of all sizes and complexities successfully execute data governance, organizational change management, master data management and other information management initiatives. Learn more about Kelle.

About First San Francisco Partners (FSFP)

FSFP helps data-driven organizations navigate change to make information actionable. Founded as a woman-owned business in 2007, we focus on implementing sustainable solutions to transform data value into measurable business value.

With an average of 20 years each of data-centered experience, our senior consultants know how to shape and put into action highly customized information management, data governance, metadata management, master data management, data architecture and data quality solutions that work for some of the world’s most notable companies. Learn more about FSFP.

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