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Kate Pingel Earns CDMP – Practitioner Level Certification

OAKLAND, Calif., December 16, 2021 — First San Francisco Partners (FSFP) is pleased to announce that Kate Pingel earned the DAMA CDMP –Practitioner Level Certification.

FSFP's Kate Pingel

FSFP’s Kate Pingel

The DAMA Certified Data Management Program (CDMP) Certification is an indication of knowledge, skills and experience in the field of data management. A CDMP practitioner must have 2-10 years of industry experience. They must also achieve a 70% pass in the Data Management Fundamentals exam and a 70% pass in two specialist exams.

All CDMP Exams test a practitioner’s knowledge of the DAMA Data Management Body of Knowledge version 2 (DMBoK2). The Data Management Fundamentals exam covers 14 topics, including data governance, data quality, data security, metadata management and more.

According to DAMA, in order to remain relevant to the economy, professionals need to participate in ongoing professional development. This can take the form of on-the-job training, mentoring, supervision, professional society membership and attendance, conferences or training. Certification includes an expectation (and therefore a guarantee) that the certified person actively works to increase their personal capabilities, skills and knowledge.

Kate describes the value of the CDMP – Practitioner Level Certification in this way:

The certification is an illustration and validation of the breadth and depth of my experience in the data management space. It is a means to not only remain current and relevant, but to also commit to constant growth. This allows me to collaborate with my clients and apply well-tested and respected frameworks to create customized approaches and solutions to mature their data practices.

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About Kate Pingel

Kate is a consultant at FSFP with 15+ years of broad experience focused primarily on data governance, data stewardship, business intelligence and data strategy. She holds an MBA complemented by a degree in Mathematics-Statistics & Actuarial Science, which combined with her experience as a data management practitioner, makes her particularly skilled at translating data value into business value.