Agile Master Data Management: A Better Approach Than Trial and Error


Is data considered a valued corporate asset in your organization?

Many firms consider it so, and there’s a growing number that also value master data management (MDM). MDM helps companies leverage their information assets to strengthen competitive positions, drive business value, boost operational efficiencies and more.

This 10-page guide explores the benefits of Agile MDM, an approach that’s collaborative, evolves and is focused on process. Its rewards include more efficient usage of scarce resources, higher customer satisfaction and greater competitive gains.

Also included in the guide:

  • Common MDM initiatives (like regulatory compliance and risk management) and their benefits
  • An “MDM by trial and error” case study from a large chemical and equipment manufacturer
  • An Agile MDM case study from a European retail and commercial bank
  • Four preliminary stages or phases of MDM
  • Agile MDM’s benefits, including optimizing cost and time and working toward a common goal

The guide’s author is Kelle O’Neal, the CEO and Founder of First San Francisco Partners.

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