Organizational Change Management for Data-Focused Initiatives

By Melanie Deardorff

Getting people successfully through a new enterprise information management (EIM) initiative requires a focus on the change’s impact to your organization’s data culture, processes and policies.

Ultimately, the changes you are planning are in the hands of your people. But change can be hard, with its situational (the who, what, when, where and why) and psychological (letting go of the old before getting comfortable with the new) aspects.

First San Francisco Partners’ 13-page guide, Organizational Change Management (OCM) for Data-Focused Initiatives, is authored by a veteran change management consultant. Inside the guide, you’ll find practical tips and proven techniques particularly appropriate for today’s data management professional.

Our OCM guide focuses on two important roles that support EIM efforts — the executive sponsor and the change champions team — and includes:

  • Words of caution about how poorly managed change can negatively affect EIM, where you are asking people to think and behave differently about how data is created, accessed, managed and used
  • Compelling statistics on how organizational change — when managed effectively — can lead to greater success for your data management programs and projects
  • Characteristics of an effective executive sponsor — i.e., the leader of the data initiative who plays a crucial role in OCM activities, like communication, building a coalition of aligned leaders in support of the effort and addressing resistance when it occurs
  • Details about how to set up a change champions team, the cross-organizational group of people who serve as advocates for your data initiative
  • Activities you can begin today to more effectively manage change for the betterment of your data governance and other EIM programs

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