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Data Governance and MDM Address Customer Data Issues [Case Study]


Establishing a Data Governance program can be a challenge for any large company. Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management and automation, was no exception. With offices throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia and a long history of acquisitions, Schneider Electric was faced with customer data issues that were having a measurable impact on its business operations.

Schneider Electric sought to address these data issues with a Salesforce automation project, Bridge Front Office. During the project’s implementation, many instances of inconsistent and incomplete records were uncovered (50 to 60% of the data being migrated had issues) — and the migration itself resulted in account duplication. The extent of duplication varied from country to country but averaged 10 to 20% of total records.

Identifying the true “master” record among duplicates also posed a big challenge, as no clear rules existed for determining the master. Re-work to address and fix these issues was time-consuming, and there were compliance-related concerns, as well.

It also became evident there was no clear data owner across the customer domain, as well as a lack of clear, consistent Data Governance rules and guidelines to globally manage the life cycle of customer data across the company.

Data Governance Project Goals

Schneider Electric’s Global Marketing Group (SEGM), the unit ultimately tasked with ownership of customer data, recognized the company needed a Master Data Management (MDM) solution and a more formal governance program.

Specifically, SEGM wanted to improve customer data management policies and practices to:

  • Ensure the successful design, planning and deployment of new projects
  • Address compliance-related concerns
  • Establish accountability and responsibility for identifying and implementing these policies and practices
  • Manage customer data as an enterprise asset

The SEGM team knew they needed expertise in global Data Governance programs and master data architectures and enlisted the help of our company, First San Francisco Partners (FSFP).

“First San Francisco Partners delivered a Data Governance Operating Model that brought together the global stakeholders of the customer data, creating a virtual Data Governance working group.”
Mark Nadeau, Director of Data Governance at Schneider Electric

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