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New Data Governance Training Available at DATAVERSITY


We recently partnered with DATAVERSITY to create a new data governance training course. We’re excited to share its availability in the DATAVERSITY Training Center.

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In the Data Governance Learning Plan, trainer Kelle O’Neal discusses how organizations and operating models have evolved to address greater demands for agility and output, as well as how to take advantage of new technology trends.

The self-paced course includes seven modules, each with a 35 to 55-minute video followed by a 15 to 17-question exam.

The modules include:

  1. Getting Started Governing Data – The Data Governance Framework
    • Data Governance Fundamentals
    • Data Governance Frameworks
    • Business Drivers
    • Risks, Pitfalls and Success Factors
  2. Creating a Data Governance Operating Model
    • Establishing the Organization
    • Data Governance Operating Models
    • Making it Work – Sample Data Governance Models
  3. Data Governance Roles & Responsibilities
    • Referencing Operating Model
    • Core Roles
    • Leadership Roles & Decision-Making Bodies
    • Data Governance Roles
    • The Data Governance Office
    • IT Data Governance Roles
    • Best Practices
  4. Data Stewards
    • The Data Governance Working Group
    • A Day in the Life of a Data Steward
    • Operational Data Governance
    • Success Factors
  5. Data Governance Policy
    • Core Definitions
    • Starting at the Top: Guiding Principles
    • Crafting Policies
    • Success Factors
  6. Data Governance Best Practices
    • Ensure Sustainability
    • 5 Pitfalls to Avoid
    • 5 Best Practices to Adopt
    • Summary
  7. Data Governance and Its Relationship to Other Data Management Activities
    • Enterprise Data Management
    • Master Data Management
    • Reference Data Management
    • Data Quality
    • Open the Front Door to Business and Technology

This course is appropriate if you are new to data governance or serves as a helpful refresher if you have more experience or want to drill down into a specific governance area.

When you enroll in DATAVERSITY’s Data Governance Learning Plan, be sure to use our code FSFP for a 20% discount.

About the Course Instructor Kelle O’Neal

Kelle O'Neal AIRSIDE LIVE panelKelle O’Neal is the founder and CEO of First San Francisco Partner. She is a veteran industry leader, accomplished advisor and a noted speaker, author and trainer.

Kelle is passionate about helping organizations realize the business value of data — and empowering them to derive insights that can improve operational efficiency and decision-making, generate new revenue and mitigate risk and fraud. Her strong background in customer relationship management, enterprise software and systems integration uniquely positions Kelle to excel in helping organizations of all sizes and complexities successfully execute data governance, organizational change management, metadata management and other information management initiatives.

Under Kelle’s leadership of First San Francisco Partners, the firm’s client base has grown significantly over the years since she founded FSFP in April 2007.

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