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Global Health Clinic Optimizes Existing Collibra Platform, Benefiting Data Stewardship and Data Literacy

Our healthcare and health research client was using Collibra, but not as effectively as it could be. With a multi-pronged approach that included stewardship engagement and a more consistent, formalized data governance operating model, our client optimized its Collibra investment and enabled it to capture critical data requirements through metadata.

Industry: Healthcare and Life Sciences

Background: Global healthcare clinic cares for nearly one and a half million people from all U.S. states and nearly 130 countries. 

Engagement Type

First San Francisco Partners (FSFP) supported this client through data governance (DG) and data management strategy and implementation, including Collibra evaluation and remediation due to lack of use.

Opportunity Areas

  • The client’s original implementation of Collibra lacked stewardship engagement and was highly customized, impacting usability, expansion and trust.
  • Multiple strategic initiatives were at risk due to a lack of DG and a data-centric consideration required for success.
  • A newly formed data strategy department required organizational change management and the enablement of data literacy promotion to be recognized and leveraged as an enterprise-level service organization.

Engagement Snapshot

  • Current State Assessment
    • FSFP provided a detailed current state assessment, recommendations, and roadmap for the existing DG, metadata, data quality (DQ) and master data management (MDM), including Collibra, for this organization.
    • The integrated roadmap included a detailed plan of action to mature each area, including dependencies and focus on people, processes, technology and data.
  • Flex Bench
    • FSFP provided a team of resources (Flex Bench) designated to support and cross-train the client’s ERP migration team, which also tied into the broader cloud migration for analytics. 
    • These resources promoted DG, MDM and DQ management to reduce implementation risk and establish a long-term foundation for trust and maintainability. 
    • Collibra was the primary technology leveraged during this process to realize the data work and engage with the various business areas and project teams implementing the ERP.
  • Organizational Change Management
    • This client understood investing in organizational change management (OCM) and data literacy paid dividends. Hence, it leveraged full-time FSFP OCM experts to build strategy, materials and support in delivering the message within the organization.
    • Incremental additions and adjustments ensured the message and were impactful in broadening understanding of data and data capabilities to support better the critical work impacting the client’s direct stakeholders.


  • The client now has a repeatable model and extensive training materials to onboard stewardship teams at scale into Collibra for many use cases, all leveraging a consistent and formalized DG operating model. 
  • OCM and data literacy and the push toward a better understanding of the various data capabilities put this client’s ERP project on a path to data-centricity across business and IT departments, resulting in reduced risk for the client.
  • Leveraging Collibra enabled the client to capture data requirements through metadata (report inventories, source-to-target mapping, metrics, etc.), making project documentation easy to locate and understand in SharePoint.
  • A shift in focus to integrating multiple data capabilities created a better understanding between roles and overlap, which resulted in a positive relationship among the individuals in the data organization. 
  • The shared common language created a cohesive message as the data organization engaged with business areas and stakeholder groups.

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