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Deepali Agarwal Earns “Collibra Ranger” Certification

OAKLAND, Calif., September 2, 2020 — First San Francisco Partners (FSFP) is pleased to announce that Deepali Agarwal earned the Collibra Ranger Certification.

The Collibra Ranger Certification, the most comprehensive credential Collibra offers related to the field of data intelligence, is awarded to individuals who have deep experience in driving the operationalization and adoption of Collibra in organizations. A Ranger is generally accountable for the operationalization and long-term roll-out and adoption of Collibra data governance solutions.

FSFP's Deepali Agarwal

FSFP Consultant Deepali Agarwal

Through the certification process, the individual gains an understanding of the Collibra framework and best practices for implementing a Collibra environment.

According to Collibra, a Ranger can look through the eyes of a steward or community manager and knows how to configure the Collibra platform for their needs. The Ranger knows how to rollout the Collibra platform and devise strategies for wide adoption and thinks out-of-the-box about unanticipated data use cases.

In order to demonstrate these competencies, Ranger candidates go through a number of assignments through which they build up a full data governance portfolio and defend it to the Ranger board.

Deepali describes the value of Ranger certification in this way:

The Ranger certification process provided me the opportunity to understand different functionalities and features available in Collibra, which helped me apply that knowledge in better context of a variety of use cases. The certification has given me the resourcefulness and confidence to guide any client to translate their business needs into Collibra metadata and governance language, incorporating Collibra recommendations and industry best practices for better data fidelity and user adoption — thus, making their “data” lives easier … one metadata asset at a time!

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About Deepali Agarwal

Deepali is a senior consultant at First San Francisco Partners with over 17 years experience in data management, with concentrations in data governance, metadata management, data quality and business process improvement, to name a few. She is a Registered Nurse with a Master’s degree in Health Policy & Administration. She is Six Sigma professional and a certified Collibra Ranger.

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