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John Ladley and Malcolm Chisholm to Speak at Data Governance Winter Conference

OAKLAND, Calif., August 2, 2016 — John Ladley, First San Francisco Partners President, will present at the Data Governance Winter Conference November 14–18 in Delray Beach, FL. The event, sponsored by DATAVERSITY and Debtech International, is endorsed by DAMA International and the Data Governance Professionals Organization.

Malcolm Chisholm, Chief Innovation Officer, will also present on behalf of First San Francisco Partners (FSFP).

The Data Governance and Winter Conference will focus on the “how-tos” from starting a data governance and stewardship program to attaining data governance maturity to improving an organization’s information quality. It offers data management professionals:

  • Interactive tutorials and workshops
  • Real-world case studies
  • A two-day data stewardship seminar
  • A two-day seminar on data quality
  • Sessions designed for the experienced data governance and data quality professional, as well as for beginners

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