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IAPP to Feature FSFP and Collibra on New CCPA Webinar

OAKLAND, Calif., February 5, 2020 — The International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) recently announced a February 26 webinar on Meeting the CCPA Challenge: Compliance for Today and Sustainability for Tomorrow, which will be jointly presented by data intelligence company Collibra and First San Francisco Partners CEO Kelle O’Neal.

On the free webinar, which is produced in partnership with and sponsored by Collibra, Kelle will discuss how and why data governance is vital to data privacy and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). She will also share practical approaches for privacy compliance and trust-by-design principles to effectively leverage and augment an existing governance program.

IAPP webinar attendees will learn tips and best practice approaches for:

  • Understanding the CCPA and how it impacts governance
  • Preparing for the CCPA and how to galvanize around data governance as the foundation, prioritize compliance efforts and leverage data privacy technology
  • Ensuring collaboration between core functions, such as data governance, legal, security and privacy, and integrating an agile bottom-up-driven approach for governing data at the point of usage
  • Understanding the difference between data privacy and data ethics, with frameworks to create and enforce a sustainable data privacy and ethics culture

Kelle and a representative from Collibra will also discuss how Collibra’s data privacy technology can accelerate and enable regulatory compliance, critical data discovery, process automation and ongoing risk mitigation.

If you’re interested in attending this webinar, register at IAPP.