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OAKLAND, Calif., July 31, 2023 — Each month, First San Francisco Partners’ newsletter features updates about its data management consulting business, with links to new blog posts, case studies, industry events and more.

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Data Governance’s Transformative Impact on Healthcare ERP Initiatives

Kelle O'Neal, Founder and CEO, First San Francisco Partners

Across all industries, data governance is critical to unlocking business potential. We hold to this message because we see how it works daily for our clients and how that impacts their ability to make decisions and changes that positively impact their business.

In this FSFP newsletter, we are sharing several resources exploring how important data governance is, specifically when it comes to the implementation of or migration to an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. You’ll learn why – and how – putting data at the center can be one of the most digitally transformative moves your enterprise-level company can make when it comes to this.

Our prior newsletter shared an in-depth article on data governance’s role in ERP implementation and migration. This month, we take a more detailed look at how data governance is essential in healthcare at its most basic level and how critical it is in ensuring patient safety and privacy, therefore improving patient care. Healthcare organizations can also significantly improve quality and reduce costs by reducing manual errors and increasing data accuracy. Becky Lyons, Senior Consultant at FSFP, explores this topic in detail in our featured article.

And if you missed it live, I encourage you to watch our recent ERP Transformation Fireside Chat, where half-a-dozen of our experienced consultants shared real client success stories, challenges and successes. They discussed the importance of data management in ERP programs and potential obstacles that can arise when companies don’t address data governance from the beginning. (This is the most common scenario, but the adage, “better late than never,” always applies when discussing data solutions.)

Read on because this newsletter has even more helpful information, including two new case studies. I’m confident you will enjoy it!

Kelle O’Neal,
Founder and CEO

Benefits of Data Governance for Patient Care

Becky Lyons

FSFP Senior Consultant Becky Lyons shares her expertise on how collaborative data governance aligned with an ERP implementation has helped FSFP’s healthcare clients achieve significantly improved results.

Becky’s article covers how this can help many healthcare organizations create positive outcomes by putting data at the center of their ERP solutions. Our clients have improved the patient experience by reducing complexity and increasing the accuracy of their data. They are enhancing agility through effective data self-service and improving financial and compliance reporting.

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Two New Data Governance Case Studies

Case studies icon

Real-life results are compelling. Our case studies demonstrate the results FSFP has achieved for our clients.


This month, learn how FSFP helped a leading broadband communications provider with its data governance assessment to develop a comprehensive data governance roadmap.

We also highlight an insurance industry client that implemented a comprehensive global data governance program to ensure compliance with international regulations and customer expectations across all markets. By updating and refactoring the Collibra environment to meet our client’s needs, FSFP delivered a successful outcome and a sustainable path to the future.

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ERP Fireside Chat Available On Demand!

Check out the FSFP YouTube channel for a Fireside Chat, ERP Transformation: Why Data is the Key to ERP Digital Transformation Success. Special thanks to the FSFP consultants who shared their real-life ERP transformation experiences and knowledge!

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EDW Fall | Sept. 18 – 21, 2023, Anaheim, CA

EDW Fall 2023

Join us in person for four days filled with in-depth and comprehensive tutorials and conference sessions at DATAVERSITY’s Enterprise Data World (EDW) Conference.


Kelle O’Neal will co-present with DATAVERSITY’s Shannon Kempe on “Women in Data Management and Governance.” And Engagement Partner and Collibra Practice Lead Sarah Rasmussen will lead a session about “How Data Governance and Data Management Capability Maturity Should Influence Your Investment in AI/ML Models.” You’ll also hear from Gretchen Burnham and Becky Lyons as they walk us through “Advanced Issues in Data Governance.”

Use the code “FSFP15” to get 15 percent off any event registration. We can’t wait to see you there!

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