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For Data Governance Success, Align It With Your Culture

Kelle O'Neal, Founder and CEO, First San Francisco Partners

Company culture is a popular topic online. Just look at the number of titles on Amazon — more than 500 books on the subject. There are dozens of podcasts discussing company culture, as well.

Company culture plays a significant role in becoming data-driven. In our data-centric era, companies of all sizes aspire to this, where they effectively harness data’s power to drive innovation, make informed decisions and gain a competitive edge in their respective industries.

In my Walk, Run, Fly to a Data-Driven Culture article, I explore four organizational culture types — Collaborate, Create, Compete and Control — and share a Competing Values Framework (CVF) for Data Governance. (We adapted the CVF from a popular and time-tested framework developed in the 1980s.)

I encourage you to read the article to see if you can identify the dominant characteristics of your organization and choose a culture type that best fits. As you study the CVF for your culture type, consider how your business can best harness its culture to drive successful data governance initiatives.

There’s more to explore in our newsletter today, including a new case study and another “Meet the Team” profile featuring Lead Data Governance Consultant Teri Hinds.

Culture isn’t just a buzzword — it impacts how teams function, how governance is approached and how leaders make critical decisions. Knowing your organization’s culture is a crucial first step toward strategically aligning it with your data management and governance strategies, keeping you on the path to data-driven success.

Kelle O’Neal,
Founder and CEO

Walk, Run, Fly to a Data-Driven Culture

Data Governance icon

FSFP’s Kelle O’Neal explores four types of organizational culture that play a crucial role in becoming data-driven.

Using this information, your organization can harness its culture to drive successful data governance initiatives, make informed decisions, and gain a competitive edge in its industry. Don’t miss this informative look at the relationship between culture and data governance.

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New Case Study

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Discover how FSFP provided data governance expertise to help a biopharmaceutical company overcome the limited capacity of data councils and owners and supported a successful ERP migration.

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Meet Teri Hinds

Teri Hinds collage of wool and yarn

Our “Meet the Team” series features Teri Hinds, FSFP’s lead data governance consultant. Teri brings over 20 years of experience in organizational change management and a passion for connecting with people.

Learn more about this intelligent, witty, and all-around “cool” FSFP team member.

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DGIQ East | Dec. 4 – 8, 2023, Washington, DC

we're speaking at dgiq east 2023 washington dc

Get ready for one of the most exciting DGIQ conferences ever!


The Data Governance & Information Quality Conference (DGIQ) is the world’s largest event dedicated entirely to Data Governance and Information Quality. FSFP is proud to sponsor and participate in this event. We hope to see you there!

FSFP speakers at this year’s DGIQ conference include:

Kelle Gretchen Becky Sarah

Kelle O’Neal, FSFP Founder and CEO

Women in Data Management and Governance

Gretchen Burnham, FSFP Principal Data Management Consultant & Becky Lyons, Information Management Consultant

How to Implement and Govern an Enterprise Data Catalog and Business Glossary

Sarah Rasmussen, FSFP Engagement Partner & Collibra Practice Lead

Why Successful Data Governance Is Ever More Crucial as Automation and AI/ML Gets a Foothold

Special Offer! Register Now!

As a DGIQ sponsor, FSFP offers a 15% discount on conference registration.

Use code FSFP15 when registering!

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