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Achieving Business Objectives via Effective Data Management

This industry top-50 property and casualty insurance carrier wanted to adopt a more data-driven, customer-centric business model that would enable them to improve customer acquisition, engagement and retention while maintaining growth and profitability in an increasingly constrained and competitive environment.

Our Achieving Customer-centric Business Objectives Through Effective Management of Data Across the Enterprise case study recaps our work with a top tier property and casualty insurance carrier.

Many of their existing systems were solution-oriented, and data assets were spread across departments — including IT, actuarial, finance and operations. To achieve their goals, they needed to align their existing systems, integrate data and implement new technologies and processes that would allow them to govern, manage and access data at an enterprise level.

Learn more about how FSFP quickly achieved executive buy-in and enabled a foundation for continued commitment and enthusiasm for MDM implementation and data governance alignment, including solutions for: 

  • Establishing and presenting a MDM business case that helped stakeholders envision how a MDM solution could accelerate revenue growth
  • Developing a MDM road map and implementation plan that was aligned with data governance activities and provided data quality recommendations
  • Improve profitability, customer experience, regulatory guidance and employee satisfaction

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