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Higher Education

Collibra Implementation Transforms Data Governance at an Institution For Higher Learning

By implementing an enterprise data governance program using the Collibra data catalog, our client increased funding resources for data while providing a platform for multicampus data governance decisions to improve efficiency and transparency.


The client is an Association of American Universities (AAU) research institution that offers undergraduate, master’s and doctoral degrees in various disciplines.

Background: In 2019, FSFP met with the client to discuss Collibra implementation. With time, they recognized that Collibra, combined with an enterprise-wide initiative, could enhance collaboration and representative data governance across all campuses.

Industry: Higher Education

Engagement Type

Data governance assessment and transformation enabled by Collibra implementation.

Opportunity Areas

  • The client’s complex governance culture needed to be developed and decentralized.
  • The client’s heterogeneous information landscape included cloud-based and on-premise applications and data resources. Procured software and implemented systems would enable staff to document, govern, discover and request data and information.
  • The client required a data governance program that improved institutional data accessibility, usability and security.

Engagement Snapshot

FSFP provided three principal pillars of consultation, including assessment, implementation and support, to create effective and robust data governance frameworks, including:

  • Counseling to create an effective governance program and operating model.
  • Guidance through implementing and adopting Collibra’s data catalog based on a defined framework that supports accountability.
  • Development of a practical guide to governing and managing Collibra’s platform.
  • Creation of a methodology for curation of high-quality content for business glossaries.
  • Assistance with Collibra onboarding, Collibra Foundation Program execution and administration.


At the close of the engagement, FSFP provided the client with several solutions to their data governance challenges, including:

  • Establishing a data governance executive council, stewardship groups and support functions to identify and improve data will increase understanding and provide responsible access to data.
  • Fostering leadership commitment to data governance efforts that increased funding resources for data governance (e.g., time, resources, technology funding).
  • Implementing an enterprise data governance program using the Collibra data catalog to enable users to locate and leverage trusted data.
  • Providing the client a venue for making multicampus data governance decisions increased efficiency and transparency. Data governance decisions published by the data governance executive council have consistently decreased from 80 to 25 days.