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Client Gains New Knowledge, Skills, Tools and Confidence from Data Governance Assessment

This client operationalized its data governance to create a superb customer journey, support optimized business processes and discover data-driven insights.


Industry: Software and technology

Background: Founded nearly 40 years ago, this software and technology company gives organizations the visibility and control they need to reduce risk, achieve compliance objectives and boost operational performance. The company’s product is trusted by 20,000 customers, including half of the Fortune 100 and a global partner network.

Engagement Type

  • 10-week data governance (DG) assessment, including governance operating model, strategy, roadmap and initial meetings to start DG.

Opportunity Areas

  • FSFP was brought in to operationalize DG. The client previously had an assessment done by a different consulting company with the recommendations in that assessment being somewhat vague. FSFP’s job was to provide actionable recommendations, education, templates and samples that the client could use to establish DG.
  • Create a superb customer journey by:
    • Knowing each customer contact, what they do, what they own and what they need
    • Capturing the customer data and keeping it current
    • Building trust that customer data is protected with best-in-class security
    • Creating confidence by presenting customers’ data and enabling self-service updates
  • Support optimized business processes by:
    • Defining the data lifecycle from original source through final disposal
    • Ensuring data is complete, accurate, timely and secure
    • Building security and privacy into business processes
  • Discover data-driven insights by:
    • Enabling business intelligence through data definition, cataloging and integration
    • Enabling advanced analytics through data discovery and profiling
    • Enabling data-driven decision-making through self-service reporting

Engagement Snapshot

  • Phase 1 – Envision, Align, Discover: Alignment to business goals, leader and stakeholder analysis and engagement recommendations, establish impact and progress metrics
  • Phase 2 – Architect and Plan: DG operating model, establish governance roles/responsibilities including for the DG Office/team, actionable roadmap, organizational change management (OCM) education
  • Phase 3 – Build and Implement: Tools and templates to establish governance operating model, including DG vision and charter, governance team skills assessment and OCM plan


  • Client now has the knowledge, skill, tools and confidence to stand up DG governing bodies.
  • They have guidance and insight into navigating different types of DG and data management technologies.

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