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OAKLAND, Calif., Jan. 25, 2024 — Each month, First San Francisco Partners’ newsletter features updates about its data management consulting business, with links to new blog posts, case studies, industry events and more.

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ERP Transformation: How Data Makes or Breaks It

Kelle O'Neal, Founder and CEO, First San Francisco Partners

Data is at the heart of every business transformation, especially an enterprise-wide initiative like adding or enhancing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

In our new article on FSFP’s blog, Lead Consultant Nellie McBride dives deep into ERP transformations, emphasizing how an organization’s focus on data will be a make-or-break element of this critical initiative.

Nellie explores the data-related risks and considerations inherent in an ERP transformation and two data-centric best practices. One is FSFP’s recommendation of a Transformation Data Office, which can help an organization reduce ERP-related risks and facilitate collaboration and alignment across transformation workstreams. The other is data governance’s role in an ERP transformation effort and how it aids in the consistency and reliability of data.

Here’s what else you’ll find in FSFP’s message to you this month:

  • There are two new client success stories on our website. One is about a manufacturer’s successful SAP ERP transformation, and the other is about a university’s multi-year digital transformation initiative where data governance played a starring role.
  • I contributed an article to DATAVERSITY’s website, Building a Strong Community for Women in Data Management and Governance, which we republished on our blog. It’s about a new special interest group near and dear to me and many others in our global community.

The new year is here with new business initiatives that will demand accurate, accessible and aligned data. If you’d like to tap into FSFP’s data management and governance consulting expertise, I welcome you to contact us.

Kelle O’Neal,
Founder and CEO

Why an ERP Transformation is Risky Business and How to De-Risk It

Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise-wide initiatives like ERP systems start with data.

This month’s feature article from Nellie McBride focuses on ERP transformations, one of the many enterprise projects where data integrity and reliability data are central to business operations. Nellie makes the case for why data can make or break this critical initiative and shares data-centric best practices that can mitigate the risks associated with ERP transformations.

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Building a Strong Community for Women in Data Management and Governance

Women in info management icon

At FSFP, we are passionate about exploring and stewarding opportunities for women in data management and supporting diversity and inclusion.

In this article, FSFP founder and CEO Kelle O’Neal discusses ways women in data management cultivate innovation, success and talent by promoting diversity.

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New Case Studies

Case studies icon
This month’s compelling case studies demonstrate how one of the world’s most prestigious universities leveraged data governance to reduce costs, mitigate risks and increase efficiency during cloud migration and how a global manufacturer enhanced business operations through data governance systems.

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