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FSFP’s Top 10 Blog Posts for 2017

By Melanie Deardorff

Time flies when you’re having fun blogging about information management, data governance, data quality, GDPR, et al. As our First San Francisco Partners subject matter experts and marketing team wrap up our second year with the company blog, we’re celebrating a productive 2017 with 40 new stories.

Since we’re all about the data, we checked Google Analytics to see which blog posts brought in the most readership … and here are the top 10 stories this year on the First San Francisco Partners (FSFP) blog.

  1. What is a Data-Centric Development Project? – Our Chief Innovation Officer Malcolm Chisholm’s explanation of FSFP’s Data-Centric Development Life Cycle (DCLC) methodology tops our most-read list for 2017. DCLC brings a “data first” approach to addressing the unique needs of data-centric projects — including Data Lake, Big Data and Business Intelligence (BI)/Analytics.
  2. Is Data Quality Important for Big Data? – Data quality continues to be a hot topic in the information management industry, and our Chief Delivery Officer John Ladley shared his thoughts on why most any data management, monetization or governance initiative will falter without formal acknowledgment and an organizational commitment to data quality.
  3. Data Architecture and Data Governance: What’s the Relationship? – Batman and Robin. Hans Solo and Chewbacca. Mario and Luigi. What do these super-hero pairings have to do with information management? They’re aligned to support each other, just like data architecture and data governance.
  4. Big Data and Global Data Privacy Regulations – If your company is grappling with Big Data and global data privacy issues, it’s definitely not alone. Companies world-wide, and particularly in the European Union (EU), are seeking to understand and manage the complex and evolving privacy landscape. We covered the EU’s impending General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and FSFP’s 11 privacy principles in this story.
  5. Fundamental Concepts of Data Quality – Another data quality story cracked our top 10, when Malcolm Chisholm took readers back to the early definitions of data quality and their roots in manufacturing. Instead of adopting these dated ideas, Malcolm encouraged information management professionals to lead the way to forge a new path to define data quality.
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  6. “State of Data Governance” Survey Results – This was an interesting project from start (when we first surveyed data governance professionals) to finish (when we shared the results on our blog). Our survey findings confirmed much of what we see in our daily work with FSFP clients, but we gleaned new insights along the way.
  7. Celebrating First San Francisco Partners’ First 10 Years – In April 2016, we celebrated our first decade as an information management consulting services firm. Our CEO and Founder Kelle O’Neal blogged about FSFP’s early days and where we are today.
  8. For Data Governance Success, Focus on These Do’s and Don’ts – Implementing a successful governance program is no small task, but the benefits of making more data-driven decisions can be realized across every business area. ­­­Our 10 do’s and don’ts were designed to keep your program on the path to success.
  9. The Missing Piece(s) in Data Governance – Angie Pribor, one of FSFP’s consultants, has a deep understanding and true passion for master data management and data governance. That’s why she felt compelled to share her concerns about how goals, measures and incentives aren’t always aligned with the people responsible for key governance roles.
  10. This is What it Takes to Effectively Communicate a Data Governance Program – Want to reach new levels of success with a new or relaunched governance program? Read about the key elements to consider when crafting and communicating the program.

What’s Next for the FSFP Blog?

We’re planning our 2018 editorial calendar now — so if you have suggestions on topics we should cover, leave a comment below or email us.

Thanks for your support of the blog, and we look forward to your continued readership in the months to come!

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