Organizational Change Management

When it comes to Enterprise Information Management (EIM), it isn’t enough to simply decree that a new data culture is now in place.

A structured organizational change management approach and plan are required to help your organization navigate through and sustain the changes needed to make EIM in all its forms operational.

The importance of Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics to driving business strategy, a Data Governance program that puts in place controls and data standards, Data Quality initiatives, advent of big data: these are just a few of the factors that require an organization to change how it manages and deploys its information.

Successful EIM means changes to your information management culture. Changing that culture means that you are asking people to think and behave differently about how data is created, accessed and used. If the results are to be sustainable, success with EIM requires an organized and systematic way to manage those changes.

First San Francisco Partners has decades of experience bringing together EIM sponsors and stakeholders to develop and execute effective Organizational Change Management (OCM) approaches to changing that data culture.

By assessing an organization’s readiness to change, educating sponsors on their roles, and engaging stakeholders in developing the processes, an effective OCM process gets the right people involved up front and minimizes downtime and issues with resistance. The results: Quicker progress toward the new data culture, allowing for more consistent, accurate and reliable data across the enterprise, and more informed and effective decision making.

Our Organizational Change Management specialists can help you:

  • Assess your change readiness, identifying and addressing potential problem areas early on
  • Help develop a vision that the organization can rally around
  • Ensure your leadership is aligned on what you are trying to accomplish, identifying disconnects and providing recommendations to address them
  • Put a solid OCM approach and plan together to work through the changes
  • Eliminate common roadblocks to adoption
  • Analyze your data governance performance and business impact
  • Achieve meaningful, sustainable results

Planning, Managing and Sustaining EIM Change

Our OCM solution provides services to address:

  • OCM coaching and mentorship
  • OCM planning and roadmap implementation
  • Creation of readiness assessments, communication plans, change metrics, resistance management plans, stakeholder engagement and sponsorship development
  • Communication and training
  • Ownership and accountability for results

Having trouble making your EIM changes stick? Put First San Francisco Partners’ change management experience to work for you. Contact us today to get started.